Top Gadgets for your Kitchen

Top Gadgets for your Kitchen



If you’ve just moved into a brand new home or are simply in the mood to update your cooking routine, there are a multitude of exceptionally “cool” gadgets currently on the market that will make food prep more fun than ever before.


  • Drop

    -The combination of an ultra-modern cooking app and an accompanying small scale, Drop allows you to measure ingredients without using any measuring cups or tools. The Drop scale measures the weight of each item you add to your mixture, telling you when to stop on the Apple screen of your choice. You’ll also have access to interactive recipes, ingredient substitutions, and the ability to share your creations on all social media platforms.

  • Cherry Pitter

    – Who doesn’t love sitting down to enjoy a fresh bowl of cherries? The only thing better would be sitting down to enjoy a bowl of pitted cherries! Cherrymat’s Cherry Pitter allows you to do just that. The most incredible part about this gadget is that it leaves the rest of the cherry virtually in one piece. Imagine the pies you could make with the ability to pit 25 pounds of cherries per hour!

  • Butter Mill

    – Anyone who frequently forgets to set out the butter to soften up a bit before using it will love this tool. With the Butter Mill, you simply place a cold stick of butter inside and twist. Voila! Your hard, cold butter is grated instantly and ready for use immediately.

  • Waffle Bowl Maker

    – While this is undoubtedly not a “must-have” item, it is one of those fun gadgets that can really come in handy if you’re a real baking (or eating) enthusiast. Made by Bella, this small countertop appliance lets you make waffle bowls for enjoying ice cream or even cookie bowls that you can fill up with milk, instantly “dipping” your entire cookie at once!

  • Mr. Tea Infuser

    – A really easy and affordable way to add some fun into your morning routine, Mr. Tea’s Silicone Tea Infuser is named ‘Fred’ and is shaped like a relaxing little man who reclines into your teacup. Simply fill him up with loose tea or a teabag and hang him over the edge of your cup, eliminating the need to worry about cleaning up loose tea grounds or a hot, dripping tea bag after it finishes steeping.

  • Corn cob peeler

    – Called the Corn Stripper from OXO, this handy gadget makes getting fresh, delicious corn off the cob and into your mouth easier than ever. Especially handy for parents of children who are in the midst of loose and missing teeth, the Corn Stripper can also be useful for anyone who wants to freeze fresh corn to enjoy later in the year.

  • Pantelligent

    – This amazing product is a smart pan with a built-in temperature gauge. Used in combination with the Pantelligent app, you’ll never again have to guess when your food is cooked thoroughly. As simple as touching your smartphone to the handle of the pan, Pantelligent tells you when you should flip your food and warns you if you’re in danger of burning something.

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