Top 5 Reasons to Use a Real Estate Agent


1. We are licensed professionals with local market expertise.  We have access to the most recent, accurate market information and the ability to give you advice, reports, statistics and details that may not be reliable on the Internet.


2. We help you stay objective.  Everyone knows how stressful and emotional buying and selling can be!  Staying objective and unattached helps the negotiation process.


3. We negotiate on your behalf.  Involving an impartial REALTOR® to help navigate the negotiations is always a good idea.  We know what to look for and we understand contracts, closings, title insurance, deeds, etc.


4. We know the business and can make informed recommendations about repairs, renovations, cost estimates.  We can suggest contractors, repair companies, movers, etc.


5. We help you prioritize what needs to be done to put your house on the market and sell it quickly.  We can help you work through inspections and understand what repairs are needed and how to structure your offer accordingly.


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