Ninja – The Installation

“Ninja” – you might not know what that means, but we do!  Ninja Selling is a tool for relationship building and management.  Really it’s about the importance of balance – between work and personal. It’s about connections, meaningful relationships and enjoying your career.  Do you want to work with someone who loves what they do or someone who is just earning a check?
Today we have a guest post from one of our agents in the Murfreesboro Office.
Bud George has been with Bob Parks Realty since 1998.  He sold real estate full-time through mid-2006 and then was the Bob Parks’ Company Coach through 2010.  He went back to full-time sales in October 2010 and has used the Ninja system to develop a completely referral based business closing 40 transaction sides in 2011, 80+ in 2012, and over 110 in 2013.

The Premier Property Group and Bob Parks Realty / PARKS hosted a Ninja Selling Installation the week of February 3rd for 50 of their agents from both the Nashville and Florida real estate agents. As Larry Kendall, the author of Ninja Selling, says, “ninja selling is a system based on a philosophy of building relationships, listening to the customer, and then helping them achieve their goals.”  It’s about relationships and the platinum rule…do unto others as they want done.


Bob Parks real estate agents have been involved with the Ninja Selling coaching program for over twelve years.  I was one of those in the first classes that we had within the company.  I can truly say that the coaching program has helped me in both my career and my life.  This past week was a great reminder of the principles that we have learned through the years.  The class also had many people that were new to real estate and I can think of no better way to start a career than attending the four-day class.


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Bob Parks with Larry, the man behind Ninja.

Bob Parks with Larry Kendall, the creator of the Ninja Selling program.

Bud George teaching a Ninja class last week

Larry Kendall teaching a Ninja class last week.


Agents learning the Ninja technique.