Last Minute Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas


Every year we swear we’ll start our holiday shopping promptly—by September at the latest —and nearly every year we’re scrambling in late December to shop for everyone we care about. This year, we’re here to help you save time with Last-Minute Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas perfect for everyone on your list.

Bath and Body Products

Peppermint Vanilla Lip Scrub
The weather’s freezing and the air inside is dry, so it’s no wonder our lips get dry and rough this time of year. This DIY lip scrub is that rare stocking stuffer that’s both luxurious and practical, leaving scaly lips smooth and moisturized.

Whipped Gingerbread Sugar Scrub
For the rest of the body, this gingerbread sugar scrub smells like dessert and gives dull skin a beautiful polished glow.

DIY Bath Bombs
Bath bombs are more popular than ever, but you don’t have to stand in line to get them. They’re simple to make at home in batches from inexpensive ingredients, but you will need a bath bomb mold to get started. This tutorial has instructions that make the project simple enough for children to work independently, so no matter your skill level in the kitchen, you can definitely make bath bombs.

6 Divine DIY Lotion Bar Recipes
Whether you make them small to give as stocking stuffers or large and inlaid with pressed flower petals, these lotion bars are sure to be appreciated.

Edible Gifts

Festive Elf Candy Jar
Perfect for the office or as a teacher’s gift, this adorable elf project comes together quickly with the help of a printable tag, a mason jar, and a bag of green candy.

Slow Cooker Caramel Apple Butter
If you’ve got a slow cooker, get a big batch of caramel apple butter going immediately. It’s festive yet unique since it isn’t often given as a gift, even during the holidays. Don’t forget to keep a jar; this stuff is seriously delicious.

Instant Chai Mix
For your loved one who loves chai, this homemade instant chai mix is sure to be a hit. Reviewers say to double the spices and reduce the sugar by half for a more authentic cup of chai, but those with a sweet tooth will probably prefer the original proportions.

Holiday Peppermint Bark
For pennies on the dollar, this recipe claims to recreate the ever-popular Williams-Sonoma peppermint bark. We’ll leave it to you to decide, but either way, this recipe is going to help you create some very delicious dessert to box up and give away.

Cookies in a Jar
Light years better than premade cookie dough and nearly as simple to make, these cookie mix recipes will give your loved ones the gift of cookies on-demand. Consider yourself warned, these cowboy cookies are so good that you’ll wind up making these jars every holiday season by popular demand.

Gifts for Small Children

Festive Gingerbread Play Dough
Yes, play dough is cheap to buy, but it’s also quick to make, and this gingerbread play dough is cute enough to make it worth doing. Gift a tin with a mini rolling pin, a gingerbread cookie cutter, and a copy of the popular children’s story to complete the magic.

Fairy Glitter Slime
If you’re gifting for a slime enthusiast rather than a play dough crafter, this fairy glitter slime is a simple project that will make an impact thanks to the cute “I Love You Fairy Much” tag and customizable colors.

Ice Cream Sundae Gift Basket
Even when it’s snowing out, little ones love an ice cream sundae. Follow this tutorial to create a custom sundae kit in a box that’s going to bring a smile as bright as the sun in July.

Crafty gifts

Sweater Mittens
If you’ve got basic sewing skills, these sweater mittens will come together quickly. You can repurpose outgrown sweaters or upcycle thrift store gems; either way, these will keep your loved one’s hands toasty come January.

Crocheted Basketweave Coffee Cup Cozy
If you crochet, this free pattern yields a basketweave cup cozy that’s the perfect gift to pair with a reusable travel cup and a coffee shop gift card or our recommended instant chai mix. It works up in about an hour, so sit down with your favorite show and cross a name off your list.

Knitted Cable Rib Boot Cuffs
Knitters, you probably already have ten pairs of boots cuffs, but perhaps your coworker at the office gift exchange doesn’t, in which case this pattern should come in handy.

Snowflake Fingerless Gloves
If you need a beautiful hand-knit gift nearly instantly, this pattern is for you. These delicate fingerless gloves will fit a range of hand sizes and can be made in only an hour.

15-Minute Baby Blanket
If you can sew (even a little bit), this beginner-friendly baby blanket pattern is simple yet unique. Follow it and you’ll be ready to gift a beautiful baby blanket in less than half an hour.

Simple Wooden Salt and Pepper Shakers
If you’re just a bit more comfortable in the shop than behind the sewing machine, these salt and pepper shakers might be what you’re looking for. They’re attractive and affordable. They’re also sleek and understated, so they suit a wide range of decors. They don’t require specialized tools or hardware to make, and they’re something everyone can use.

Handmade Leather-bound Notebook
Finally, for those who can neither cook nor bake nor craft, take heart! We haven’t forgotten you. This tutorial will guide you through making a hand-bound leather book in about ten minutes. By changing the leather, paper, and size of the notebook, you can create gifts for any writer, note-taker, list-maker, artist, or designer on your list.


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