Date Night Ideas for Every Couple

Whether you’re looking for ideas for your 25th anniversary or trying to decide where to take someone on a first date, the following list of suggestions is sure to spark some romantic inspiration in just about anyone.


Board Game Night

If you loved board games in your childhood, check out some of the new tabletop games that have been released during the board game renaissance of the last decade. With dozens of titles to choose from, you’re sure to find the right game for you and your date.

We suggest Carcassonne, a two-player strategy game with short play time that will allow ample time for you and your companion to indulge in some appropriately French-themed snack foods. Wine, cheese, and bread, anyone? This is ideal for board game enthusiasts and beginners, as well as food lovers! Game playing is a great way to break the ice and get to know someone new; it’s also perfect for young parents who don’t have a sitter but still want to do something fun together at home!

Get Wet!

If you’ve got a backyard but no pool, turn it into your own water park! Lay down a slip ’n slide, toss some water balloons at each other, and finish the day by grilling up steaks for two. This active date is perfect for the couple who likes physical activity, and it can also be a really fun way for seasoned couples to let loose and feel like kids again.

Build a Movie Fort

This childhood pastime will take on a whole new dimension once you’re snuggled in with your sweetie. Toss some sheets over chairs and a couch, lay down your fluffiest pillows and blankets and enjoy a movie from the privacy of your new, ultra romantic fort.


Ice Cream and an Evening Stroll

This one is a classic because it’s enjoyable virtually any time of year. Substitute coffee or hot chocolate for ice cream if it’s chilly out, and be sure to dress comfortably for a nice long walk. Bring your dogs if you’ve got them! Dogs can really break the ice on a casual date like this one – as long as both parties are canine lovers, naturally.

Hit Up The Arcade

Getting in touch with your competitive side can boost your libido, so take your rolls of quarters and head to the arcade! Whether you prefer air hockey or Pac-Man, you and your sweetheart will find the perfect combination of nostalgia, flirty competition, and fun at an arcade near you.

Stroll Through Botanical Gardens

Botanical gardens might be the perfect late morning date. As the old saying goes, “stop and smell the roses” and all of the other fragrant blooms. Exotic plants that catch your eye are great conversation starters, and kissing under the canopy of fragrant trees is the perfect way to make the date memorable.


Back to School

We’re not talking about taking a college class together (although that could actually be quite fun for the committed couple), but consider visiting your local university to attend events that are open to the public, like art exhibits, special guest speakers, concerts and poetry readings can be a passport to new ideas and experiences. Simply strolling the grounds with your date might make you feel like you’re 20 all over again.

Whiskey Tasting

While most people have already tried wine or beer tasting, whiskey tasting is a less-heard-of event that can open your taste buds up to new sensations. Apart from the fun you’ll have tasting, imagine how sexy your partner will look as they swirl and sip.

Sample a New Cuisine

And by “New Cuisine,” we don’t mean that one BBQ joint you just haven’t tried yet. Choose something completely new to both of you – like Ethiopian or Icelandic fare. New experiences are great for the brain, and sharing these experiences with your sweetie only enhances them.


Couples Spa Massage Experience

This date idea is the height of decadence for the senses. Combine a hot stone massage with a spa facial for the full experience, and be sure to ask if there’s a day pass so that you can linger and enjoy their pool, spa or sauna amenities. Many day spas also offer lunch if you go for the full or half-day experience.

Gallery or Museum and Dinner

Check your list of local museums or galleries, and pick something new. Even if you think it won’t be to your taste, you will almost assuredly be lured in by the displays. Head out for a long dinner afterward, and linger over your plates as you discuss the new sights you’ve seen!

Dress Up and Attend the Opera

Even if you have to drive a few hours to get there, we recommend that everyone go to the opera at least once in their lifetime. Wear beautiful clothes, arrive in style, and allow yourself to get swept up in the grandeur of the evening. You can substitute a night at a local theater for the opera, but be sure to keep the glamorous mood going once you get home for maximum payoff.

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