10 Ways to Prep Your Home for Vacation


The countdown has ended, the planning is done, and thoughts of sweet, sweet vacation time is the only thing filling your mind. But wait … what about the house? It’s important, even in pre-vacation bliss, to prep your house for your time away, so that while you’re gone you know you don’t have anything to worry about. We’ve made it easy with this quick checklist. Have any must-do’s that you recommend? Leave a comment! Continue reading

Best Podcasts for Current or Future Homeowners


While most of us have seen countless home improvement shows over the years, fewer people realize that there are also podcasts tailored to every aspect of home ownership. Whether you’re in the early stages of planning out your project or are renovating on a budget, today’s best podcasts for current or future homeowners have the answers to all of your questions. Continue reading

Best Ways to Boost Your Home’s Resale Value


Renovations. Weekend Warrior Projects. Pinterest Craft? Whether a big scale or small scale – home improvement can always feel daunting. That’s why we’re talking about projects that boost your home’s resale value. Improve your home for yourself, but also, do so in a smart way that directly contributes to a higher resale value. Not planning on selling your house soon? Think about making these improvements to enjoy your home before you sell. Don’t find yourself down the road wishing you had done it sooner! Continue reading

DIY Natural Cleaning Products


Need a little inspiration to dive into some spring cleaning? What if we told you, you could clean your entire house with cheap, effective cleaning products that only took simple, grocery store ingredients to make?! Not convinced? If you’re going to eventually clean regardless, we highly recommend tearing a little page from the DIY page and giving these safe, and inexpensive cleaning recipes a go. (P.S. Here are ten reasons people are switching over to natural cleaning products). Continue reading

Spring Home Prep: Exterior Home Maintenance


Just like potholes are filled in (we hope) and trees grow back their leaves, our homes need a little extra loving care to bounce back from the winter season. As the sun starts to shine a little more (thank goodness), and we prepare for spring, keep this checklist in mind when it comes to preparing your home for spring: Continue reading

The Fastest Ways to Fund Your Home Renovation


Whether you’re renovating for style or repair, making changes to your home is exciting –and daunting! Planning what to upgrade, where to purchase the supplies, who to trust to do the work are just some of the daunting tasks involved. Continue reading

6 Spring Cleaning Tips for Allergies


April showers bring May flowers… and unfortunately those pesky allergies, as well. But this year? This year is going to be the year that those allergies don’t slow us down. (Or at least slow us down a little less). How? By preparing ahead and making some key changes to the way you prepare your house for this beautiful time of year. Below are six ways that we recommend cleaning to avoid allergens. Continue reading

How to Beat Cabin Fever


During the depths of winter, millions of people struggle with feeling restless, lethargic, unmotivated, and downright bored. The chill seems to seep into your bones, and it’s likely dark long before you get a chance to leave work. Continue reading