How to Beat Cabin Fever


During the depths of winter, millions of people struggle with feeling restless, lethargic, unmotivated, and downright bored. The chill seems to seep into your bones, and it’s likely dark long before you get a chance to leave work. Continue reading

How to Move With Your Pet

Moving tests the “planner” in us all. The details, the prep –  the lists of what to prepare for seem to be never-ending. But one thing that seems to slip people’s mind is prepping to move your pets. After all, they’re members of the family – so it feels like they can just hop in the car and go, too! However, depending on the type of pet and move – there is likely some planning involved. Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to moving your beloved furry one:

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Recipes for Picked Fruits and Veggies

Tennessee’s fertile soil, warm climate, and dedicated farmers have made our state a culinary destination. Our restaurants feature special dishes showcasing each chef’s ability to delight diners with produce grown locally and sustainably to such an impressive degree that Tennessee cuisine has long since influenced food trends in surrounding states.

This collection of recipes will allow you, at-home chefs, to do the same. Each recipe focuses on one local produce item that you can grow yourself, find at the farmers market, or pick at U-Pick farms throughout the area. Eating fruits and vegetables is always healthy, of course, but we didn’t limit this collection to perfectly healthy meals. There are salads and baked fries, but there are also desserts and indulgent temptations.

We hope these recipes inspire you to go gather local produce; when you do, you’re supporting the local farms and farmers who are such a vital part of our community in Tennessee all while feeding yourself the very best foods for your health and overall sense of wellbeing.

One last suggestion: try some of these cold recipes for breakfast. You can prepare them the night before, then start your day with a heaping helping of fruits or vegetables rather than grabbing a breakfast sandwich, bagel, or large latte on the way to work. Little healthy tweaks like this will be a great way to add an extra serving or three of produce to your day! Continue reading

Smarthome Technology – What Homeowners Want

In today’s digital world we are all connected to each other and to objects like never before. Technologies allow for objects to do more for us than ever before, from thermostats to garage doors to slow cookers.

The modern conveniences of a smarthome are an appealing trait for many home buyers. A recent survey reveals interesting insights about smarthome technology: what homeowners want.

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Home Tech | Smart Speakers Showdown (Alexa vs. Apple vs. Google Assistant)

AI voice-activated assistants have been available since Siri took the world by storm in April of 2011. Hot on her heels was Google’s Google Now, Microsoft’s Cortana, and finally Amazon’s Alexa in late 2014. While there were a good number of early adopters who hit the ground running when Siri first debuted and several more who have done so on the other platforms since then, there are plenty of smart tech users who don’t use voice-activated functions. 

Recent innovations in voice-activated smart speakers mean that homeowners can sync their AI assistants to their refrigerators, thermostats, home alarm systems, and even their lighting inside and outside the home. While the butler robots many of us would hope for are still quite a ways off, smart speakers are a convenient, hands-free way to make life a little easier.


This article, then, is for those of you who are currently trying to decide which AI voice assistant will meet your needs. While there is no single “best” home tech assistant, there is probably one that is best for you and your family, so read on to get our full take on the current state of the home tech wars. 

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Homeowner Expenses You Can Write Off On Your Taxes

Homeowners carry expense burdens that renters are able to avoid. Home repairs, homeowner’s insurance, and property taxes are the heavy hitters, often consuming so much of their income that homeowners find themselves less able to purchase the goods and services they desire, not to mention luxury items and vacations.

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Facebook Is Changing | How to Keep Seeing Business Pages

Keep Seeing Parks' Content on Facebook

As you may have read, Facebook is making some major changes to your newsfeed. In an effort to create a more meaningful, community-based space, Facebook is putting a high priority on posts from your friends and families. While we love the concept, this means that business pages, even ones you have liked and chosen to follow, will now be buried. If you’d like to keep seeing more of our posts, make sure to follow the instructions below!

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2018 Resolutions to be a Better Homeowner


Owning and taking care of a home is a lot of work, especially if you have a spouse, kids, or even pets running around all of the time. Sometimes, keeping up with your house can be difficult, but having a roof over your head is a privilege. Let’s make 2018 the year to step up your game as not only a homeowner, but also a neighbor. Here are some tips to help you conquer your job as a better homeowner in 2018.

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Making Holiday Decorating a Breeze


Holiday decorating has such a warm, cozy, and festive allure to it. Think: Wearing your favorite sweater and fuzzy socks with a hot cocoa in hand while playfully hanging up decorations with the kids. Of course, there’s also that perfect holiday playlist in the background and heck, why not hope for gently falling snow outside, as well.  Continue reading