Homeowner Expenses You Can Write Off On Your Taxes

Homeowners carry expense burdens that renters are able to avoid. Home repairs, homeowner’s insurance, and property taxes are the heavy hitters, often consuming so much of their income that homeowners find themselves less able to purchase the goods and services they desire, not to mention luxury items and vacations.

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Facebook Is Changing | How to Keep Seeing Business Pages

Keep Seeing Parks' Content on Facebook

As you may have read, Facebook is making some major changes to your newsfeed. In an effort to create a more meaningful, community-based space, Facebook is putting a high priority on posts from your friends and families. While we love the concept, this means that business pages, even ones you have liked and chosen to follow, will now be buried. If you’d like to keep seeing more of our posts, make sure to follow the instructions below!

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2018 Resolutions to be a Better Homeowner


Owning and taking care of a home is a lot of work, especially if you have a spouse, kids, or even pets running around all of the time. Sometimes, keeping up with your house can be difficult, but having a roof over your head is a privilege. Let’s make 2018 the year to step up your game as not only a homeowner, but also a neighbor. Here are some tips to help you conquer your job as a better homeowner in 2018.

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Making Holiday Decorating a Breeze


Holiday decorating has such a warm, cozy, and festive allure to it. Think: Wearing your favorite sweater and fuzzy socks with a hot cocoa in hand while playfully hanging up decorations with the kids. Of course, there’s also that perfect holiday playlist in the background and heck, why not hope for gently falling snow outside, as well.  Continue reading

Tips for Fall and Winter Energy Savings


With fall just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to give your home an energy efficiency assessment. Are you setting yourself up to save money in the coming chilly months, or will you need to pay through the nose again this year?

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The Pros and Cons of Smart Home Technology


Smart home technology has been something that we as a population have longed for; science fiction shows and movies have wowed audiences with ideas for home automation that most of us would really like to enjoy in our day-to-day lives.

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How Homeowners Can Conserve Water


This is a sponsored post brought to you by HMS Home Warranty.

Water is an important resource, however many homes use more of it than they realize. As such, it’s vital to consider the ways homeowners can conserve water as this will ultimately create positive environmental changes and cut costs for them as well.

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Trendiest Paint Colors from Top Brands

A fresh coat of paint can make a space feel instantly new again. With a relatively low cost compared to other major renovations, usually, the biggest thing standing between homeowners and fresh paint is trying to decide on a color. While you should always go with your own personal style, we’ve scoured the internet for some of this years’ trendiest paint colors. Ready, set, paint!

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At Home Pet Safety Tips


July 15th is Pet Fire Safety Day. At first glance, it seems like another obscure “holiday” that was more or less invented out of nowhere by the news spreading on social media. But by all means, this is no “National Cheeseburger” type of day. In fact, it’s a day to think about the unthinkable and plan ahead for emergencies to keep your furbabies safe.

Not only is it important to have emergency escape plans put in place for your pets, but it’s incredibly important to know how to prevent pets accidentally causing fires.

An estimated 500,000 pets are affected annually by fires each year.

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