What to Expect from Your Home Inspection


Just like trying on clothes or taking a car for a test drive, buying a home comes with a test run, as well. Once you decide you love a house and want to buy – one of the last major steps before finalizing it is the inspection. To be sure you get everything you need from the inspection, here’s what you need to know:

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Renting vs. Buying


Turns out, buying a home is a huge decision. (Just kidding, obviously we all know that). But what we don’t think about that often is that by renting, we are also actively deciding not to buy. Whether we realize it or not, we are actively having to make the decision over and over again about whether to buy or rent. Because of this, we thought it would be helpful to give a quick rundown of things you should think about when it comes to renting vs. buying. Continue reading

Best Podcasts for Current or Future Homeowners


While most of us have seen countless home improvement shows over the years, fewer people realize that there are also podcasts tailored to every aspect of home ownership. Whether you’re in the early stages of planning out your project or are renovating on a budget, today’s best podcasts for current or future homeowners have the answers to all of your questions. Continue reading

How to Navigate the Home Buying Process


In case you weren’t aware: Buying a home is a big deal. 

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Surprising Benefits of Buying a Home


When talking about the benefits of owning a home, especially from a mortgage professional’s point-of-view, you often hear about the financial upside of homeownership. While it’s true that buying a home remains one of the most stable investments one make, there are many more advantages to homeownership. Continue reading

What Shoppers Should Keep In Mind About The Fall Real Estate Market


While some potential homeowners were unable to purchase a property this summer due to fierce competition and a short supply, many experts say autumn is actually the best time to shop. With fewer people in the market to buy a home and those who listed properties before still anxious to sell, this season creates a higher probability for better deals and better pricing. Continue reading

Buying an Investment Property


Planning to buy an investment property is an exciting … and serious venture. For most, no matter how logical and analytical the investment property search begins, the further you get into the process, the more “emotional” the decisions become. While buying an investment property certainly makes sense for some, be sure to consider the following before making the big decision: Continue reading

What Should Buyers Know About Starter Homes

Starter homes are becoming increasingly popular due to the number of young adults moving into the housing market – primarily as first-time homeowners and buyers. Due to their size, such properties typically carry significantly lower price tags than median-priced homes and may be perfect for buyers looking to keep their costs down, according to Trulia. However, with the demand so great, starter homes typically spend very time on the market and often attract multiple bidders. Continue reading

Things to Look for in a Home Inspection

Usually, by the time you schedule a home inspection, you’re at least halfway in love with a house. You’ve walked through it many times, and you’ve likely made note of any concerns you have regarding the home’s condition. The inspection is the last hurdle separating you from the house of your dreams, so it’s only natural for you to want it to go well.

Ultimately, though, you really don’t want a home that doesn’t pass the most rigorous inspection. Hire an impartial inspector who has no loyalties to anyone involved except you. The most qualified home inspectors do cost more than one you might find by happenstance, but when you compare this cost to the overall investment you’ll be making in this new home, it becomes clear that this is not the moment for penny-pinching. Continue reading

How to Move With Your Pet

Moving tests the “planner” in us all. The details, the prep –  the lists of what to prepare for seem to be never-ending. But one thing that seems to slip people’s mind is prepping to move your pets. After all, they’re members of the family – so it feels like they can just hop in the car and go, too! However, depending on the type of pet and move – there is likely some planning involved. Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to moving your beloved furry one:

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