3 Easy DIY Projects You Can Do This Weekend


Home improvement projects can feel daunting, and more than anything; time-consuming. However, setting aside even just one weekend can bring major improvements to your home. It’s amazing how much progress can be made in such a short period of time. Have an open weekend, or even just more free hours strung together than usual? Think about digging in and knocking off something on the “would be nice” list for your home! Continue reading

Home Tech | Smart Speakers Showdown (Alexa vs. Apple vs. Google Assistant)

AI voice-activated assistants have been available since Siri took the world by storm in April of 2011. Hot on her heels was Google’s Google Now, Microsoft’s Cortana, and finally Amazon’s Alexa in late 2014. While there were a good number of early adopters who hit the ground running when Siri first debuted and several more who have done so on the other platforms since then, there are plenty of smart tech users who don’t use voice-activated functions. 

Recent innovations in voice-activated smart speakers mean that homeowners can sync their AI assistants to their refrigerators, thermostats, home alarm systems, and even their lighting inside and outside the home. While the butler robots many of us would hope for are still quite a ways off, smart speakers are a convenient, hands-free way to make life a little easier.


This article, then, is for those of you who are currently trying to decide which AI voice assistant will meet your needs. While there is no single “best” home tech assistant, there is probably one that is best for you and your family, so read on to get our full take on the current state of the home tech wars. 

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Making Holiday Decorating a Breeze


Holiday decorating has such a warm, cozy, and festive allure to it. Think: Wearing your favorite sweater and fuzzy socks with a hot cocoa in hand while playfully hanging up decorations with the kids. Of course, there’s also that perfect holiday playlist in the background and heck, why not hope for gently falling snow outside, as well.  Continue reading

Top 5 Kitchen Appliance Trends


Home is where the heart is. But if we’re being honest, the kitchen is really where the heart is. The kitchen is where the family gathers, guests linger and delicious meals are created and enjoyed. Over the years kitchens have gone from a place hidden in the back of the house to a centerpiece of both function and style. While style is always a matter of personal preference, we’ve rounded up a few of the latest kitchen appliance trends for you to check out…juuuust in case there’s a little remodeling in your future. (Or of course, just want to stay up on the latest trends).   Continue reading

Trendiest Paint Colors from Top Brands

A fresh coat of paint can make a space feel instantly new again. With a relatively low cost compared to other major renovations, usually, the biggest thing standing between homeowners and fresh paint is trying to decide on a color. While you should always go with your own personal style, we’ve scoured the internet for some of this years’ trendiest paint colors. Ready, set, paint!

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Summer is a Great Time for a Kid’s Room Re-Do


Now that kids are home for the summer, getting their ideas – and help – with a bedroom remodel can be a great family activity. All it takes is a little elbow grease and a few hours to make any kid’s room look completely different, and better match their ever-evolving tastes. Read More

2017 Decor Trends

If you are looking for new ways to improve your home this year, take note of what is IN this year. The 2017 home design trends have a lot to do with color, texture, shapes, simplified living spaces, and taking traditional designs and putting a modern spin on them.

Textured Furniture


Textured furniture is different and unique and is making its way into 2017 because of the way designers want their customers to be more in touch with textures. Anything from pleats, foldings, cotton, velvet, and wool will be making it’s way in homes this year. This is coming from a larger macro trend of comfort according to Patti Carpenter, the Global Trend Ambassador and Creative Director from Carpenter Co. She adds “you will continue to see faux fur, mohair, and other luxuriously soft materials in 2017.”


Hanging Pendant Lights



Table lamps are out, and hanging lights are in! This trend is important for small spaces that do not have the space for a nightstand for lamps to still be able to bring light into a room. Recently, geometrical lighting shapes have made their appearance in homes and are here to stay. Hexagonal, cylindrical, and spherical shapes have been common in bedrooms, entryways and living rooms. You will also see large pendant lighting in kitchens making a comeback in 2017.

White and Wood Kitchens



If all of the bright colors and geometric shapes are not your cup of tea, then consider going simple with a modern twist on country chic with a white and wood kitchen. Butcher block countertops are the way to go. They are affordable, durable (if maintained properly), add warmth and natural coloring, and wood has natural antibacterial properties. Paired with white cabinets and accessories, a white and wood kitchen is IN this year.


Tech Nooks



This year, “docking stations” have become all the rage for homeowners. Now that Wi-Fi gives many people to have the luxury to work from anywhere in their home, there is less need for an office space. So now “tech nooks” have become the necessity for quick and easy access. As long as there are charging stations, and small equipment for drop-down or pull out desk surfaces, you can have ability to tackle quick projects.




As grey became the hottest neutral color in 2016, beige is making it’s comeback in 2017. Even though beige has a reputation of being boring, there are ways to incorporate this color to give it the pizazz it deserves. Try pairing it with bold color accessories, or even pastels to see how easily it can compliment other colors. Also try pairing it with textures (Also a 2017 design trend!) such as velvet, metallics and natural linens.


Mixed Patterns


If you love patterns, then this 2017 design trend is the one for you! As spotted in the Fall of 2016 New York Fashion Week, the use of mixed patterns were very common (It has been said that many decor trends stem from New York Fashion Week.) You will find anything from mixed pattern bedding, like the comforter above, to patterned tiles, to wallpaper patterns. “Expect geometric patterns, vintage feel patterns, colours, and random patterns that can be used in a variety of applications. A punch of patterned tile is the perfect way to add interest and depth to any new space or renovation!” said Jennifer Woch from House of J Interior Design.



Christmas Decor Outside Your Home

Christmas ligth outside

For those homeowners who love to decorate the exterior of their home as well as the interior for the holidays, there are many dazzling lighting options. You don’t have to worry that your house will look like every other house on the block because there are a virtual plethora of outdoor décor concepts available to you to choose from.


Regardless of whether you’re planning on decorating your entire outdoor property or if you want to stick to only a simple porch display, we’re sure you’ll find inspiration in this creative list of outdoor holiday lighting design ideas:


  • Low maintenance: Many homeowners have a lot of other priorities that need attention, making low maintenance holiday lights a must. If you can devote several hours to stringing your choice of outdoor lights, invest in putting your lights on timers. Then set it and forget it!

  • On a budget: If you’re working with a tight budget this holiday season, consider installing solar powered lights. Innoo Tech offers strings of white crystal ball lights that will give your porch or patio a whimsical ambiance without adding to your electric bill. For a pop of affordable color, look for solar LED fairy style lights. Many solar light sets even offer several lighting settings.

  • DIY: Making your own holiday decorations is another creative way to save money on your seasonal décor budget. It’s also a great way to get into the holiday spirit and can become a cherished family tradition. Pinterest is awash with outdoor Christmas decorations you can make yourself – both with and without lights.

  • Themed: For those who want to get creative – choose a different theme every year! Some popular outdoor holiday light themes include: candy canes, wreaths, lanterns/luminaries, stars, snowmen, the North Pole, Christmas village, candyland, lighted arches, red ribbons/bows and garland, Christmas balls, Santa and reindeer, toys, Polar Express, snowflakes and icicles.

  • Classic: All-white (non-LED) lights framing the outline of your house is a classic, elegant holiday decoration approach. Look for white lights labeled ‘soft white’ or ‘warm white’ for a simple yet classy style. It’s also appropriate to line your driveway, walkway or some trees with the same classic white lights.

  • Outdoor party: Get creative if you have an outdoor patio or deck that will be used during the holiday season for social gatherings. Though the weather outside may not be frightful, your décor can still be delightful. Consider a ‘tropical Christmas’ theme with bright lights, colorful reindeer and vibrant Christmas plants like poinsettias. If your patio is covered – line the ceiling or wrap the pergola beams with lights. You can dangle icicle lights over one or more sides for a magical, enclosed feel.

  • Modern: Some people love to try out the newest on-trend lights every holiday season. The most recent addition to the world of Christmas décor is called a star shower projector. These motion laser projectors are extremely simple to install, as they involve no ladders, stapling or dead light bulbs. The projector displays colored stars onto your house/yard in dazzling holographic star shower patterns.

Christmas Decor Inside Your Home

Christmas Decore inside
As the winter holidays approach once again, there’s a festive feeling in the air everywhere you go: malls, restaurants and even grocery stores are decked out in holiday style. To help you recreate this festive feeling at home, we’ve compiled a list of some easy Christmas décor ideas for inspiration.


Nothing makes a home feel more like Christmas than a cozy interior – no matter where you live. Usher in holiday cheer and delight by putting your own twist on these winter decoration concepts:


  • Christmas garland – One of the simplest ways to welcome the holidays is by using garland as adornment in virtually any room. Christmas garland is traditionally made up of trimmings from balsam fir, white pine, and other evergreen trees. Because of the evergreen’s association with Christmas, its garland looks festive on a mantel, chandelier, staircase railings, or framing a doorway. Wrap Christmas lights around the garland or use it on its own.

  • Christmas card tree – If you receive an abundance of Christmas cards, this idea will work out splendidly. On a blank wall, create the outline of a Christmas tree with paint-safe tape and gold or silver garland. Place a flat star on top. As your holiday cards start their yearly arrival, hang them from your wall tree like ornaments. This is a great way to have a Christmas tree if you can’t (due to space, allergies, or other limiting reasons) or simply a cute way to bring festivity to an empty wall.

  • Decorative pillows – While it’s not technically a holiday “decoration,” you can switch out your everyday couch throw pillows with Christmas or winter themed pillows for an instant mini-makeover for any home. This is such a quick and easy way to automatically make your living room feel more merry, and if you’re on a tight budget, pillows are very easy to make yourself!

  • Holiday candles – Since the ideal ambience you’re aiming for is warm and cozy, fill your house with as many candles as possible. Invest in some Christmas candle holders or try your hand at a holiday candle DIY project.

  • Trim more than just your tree – Hanging up Christmas ornaments on the tree is a long-standing tradition for many families, as many ornaments have special meaning and invoke fond memories. Additionally, glass ball ornaments can be quite stunningly beautiful – and not just on the tree! Fill a metal wire bowl, lantern or glass jars with decorative balls in your favorite colors. Make your own “Christmas garland” or wreath with just glass balls and a hot glue gun or hang some of your favorite silver and gold balls from your actual evergreen garland display. Scatter leftover balls across your mantel or centerpiece. Any spot that needs a little something extra is a great place for these gorgeous glass Christmas decorations.

  • Go red – Although there are definitely plenty of colors that bring to mind the coming of Christmas, most people would agree that red is the color we think of first. Santa wears red, after all! Bring in as much red as possible to your home’s interior with: bows on wreaths, glass balls, stockings, poinsettias, tablecloths, tree decorations, pillows, throws, wrapping paper, candles, cranberries (displayed in mason jars, they make a great yet simple centerpiece) and dishes.


Most importantly, make sure that your holiday décor always has your signature style running through it so that no matter what ideas you use, they’ll feel authentic and unique.

How to Make Your Home “Shabby Chic”

shabby chic
The home décor style known as ‘shabby chic’ has been embraced by homeowners and renters alike all around the world. Because of its focus on imperfection, shabby chic design appeals to those who prefer a home that feels and looks lived-in and comfortable rather than perfect and austere.
If you’re interested in incorporating the shabby chic design style into either your home’s interior, exterior (or both), you’ll want to try to find the right balance of rustic, weathered pieces combined with new décor items so that your home feels eclectic and welcoming.
Try adding some of the below listed components and elements to your existing home design to give your living space a simple, elegant shabby chic makeover:


  • Texture variety: By utilizing a number of different natural textures in pieces like lampshades, baskets, wall hangings, rugs, window coverings, throw pillows and more, you’ll help bring in a feeling of variety that is fundamentally shabby chic.

  • Mix and match colors: Another important element in shabby chic design is including several different color palettes in a single room. Think unmatched couch pillows and throws or a mismatched pastel set of plates and bowls in your kitchen cabinets. Keep in mind that colors are always less important than textures and materials when it comes to shabby chic style. Shabby chic colors are typically muted, but you can include some vibrant pops of color as well.

  • Bring in the light: While much of shabby chic style involves mixing up colors, patterns and textures – you can also go with a light and bright shabby chic design. An all-white living room that incorporates a variety of different textures and a few soft touches of color can be extremely inviting.

  • Go vintage: The foundation of any shabby chic living space is reclaimed design elements that include distressed pieces that you can find at your local thrift shop or flea market. Although many shabby chic lovers have treated new furniture pieces with antique-looking finishes, authentically vintage items are even more desirable if you can find them.

  • Do It Yourself (DIY) – A popular way to add the perfectly weathered item in any room is to create it yourself. By using old materials like vintage doors and milk crates to build a new shabby chic table or nightstand, you’ll get the perfect look at a low price.

  • Celebrate originals – If your home has wood flooring underneath carpeting, peel back that carpet and celebrate the natural state of your wooden floors. A distressed wood floor will give any room an instant shabby chic feel. If your wood floors are in great shape, consider painting them using a distressing technique to give them a ‘worn-in’ look.


When taking your home toward a shabby chic design, remember that you mustn’t go overboard. To decorate every room in your house with distressed or reclaimed items can look simply shabby without the chic. By pairing worn or antique elements with some pieces that look and feel new, your result will be cozy, comforting and welcoming to everyone who visits.