Best Podcasts for Current or Future Homeowners


While most of us have seen countless home improvement shows over the years, fewer people realize that there are also podcasts tailored to every aspect of home ownership. Whether you’re in the early stages of planning out your project or are renovating on a budget, today’s best podcasts for current or future homeowners have the answers to all of your questions.

Each podcast is free to download for Android and iOS, including links to extensive, information-packed archives.

Home Repair Tutor

Intended for the new or struggling DIY homeowner, Home Repair Tutor aims to educate and inspire. This weekly podcast is crammed with tips on buying the right tools and supplies, proper preparation, and guidelines to help you decide whether or not you can tackle a project on your own. Whether you’re already a homeowner or you’re trying to prepare yourself to make the leap, this podcast will help you feel confident, creative, and motivated.

The Great Indoors

The Great Indoors, as you might expect, is focused on interior design and decor. The hosts discuss hot trends, debate guidelines, and provide manageable, bite-sized design tutorials to help you take your home’s interior from flat-pack blah to stylish and personalized. The Great Indoors is ideal for new homeowners and anyone looking for a gentle nudge out of an outdated interior design rut.

Young House Love

If you’re an avid home renovator whose idea of a perfect weekend involves cans of paint, power tools, and trips to the hardware store, Young House Love is for you! An extension of the popular Young House Love blog, books, and housewares line, the podcast continues their conversations about the couple’s own ongoing DIY projects on their Virginia home. Though they occasionally stray into interior design or online image trends, their discussions are always home-related, helpful, and fun.

Fix It Home Improvement

This popular podcast covers everything home-related, from renovation and preventive maintenance to gardening and organization! Fix It Home Improvement doesn’t leave out rural homeowners, either; if you’re swapping out a wood burning stove or choosing the right kind of grass for a large area, check out the most recent episodes.

Home: On

As more of us jump on the smart home bandwagon, we’re going to need guidance choosing the right gadgets and getting them set up. Home: On bridges that gap, giving savvy tips and taking deep-dives into the individual gadgets that will transform a standard American home into a futuristic, integrated, and secure smart home. Expert and consumer guests make frequent appearances, giving listeners insight into the landscape of smart home tech and the industry that has grown from burgeoning automation trends.

Unofficial Fixer Upper Podcast

If you’re a hardcore fan of TV’s hit show Fixer Upper, you just might enjoy the Unofficial Fixer Upper Podcast. HGTV uber-fans Gary and Kathy dish on interior design choices, get picky about renovations, and gasp at the variety in property values across the country. Perfect to have on in the background during chores or your commute, this lighthearted show is both entertaining and informative.

The Money Pit Home Improvement Show

This classic, nationally-syndicated call-in radio show is also available in podcast format. Listeners can call the show with questions about anything related to DIY home improvement, interior design, and landscaping, so the show’s archive is a gold mine of expert answers to relatable questions.

Living Homegrown

Perfect for the urban homesteader, Living Homegrown is an evolving guide to living farm fresh wherever you make your home. This weekly podcast gives expert advice on artisan home cooking, cultivating a garden in a small space, canning and preserving, and sustainable living trends. Interviews with beloved members of the slow food and farm to table communities intersperse the normal solo content, but each weekly episode is designed to bring you closer to the origins of your food.

The RHS Gardening Podcast

If you aspire to have one of the most gorgeous gardens on your block, the Royal Horticulture Society Gardening Podcast out of the UK is a must-listen. Master gardeners offer only the most accurate, current, tested, evidence-based advice guaranteed to help you transform your home’s garden.

Listen for help growing vegetables, choosing the right flowering plants for your region, designing your own landscapes, tending to various types of lawns, teaching children how to garden, and growing houseplants year-round. No matter your current level of gardening know-how, The RHS Gardening Podcast will take you by the hand and elevate your skills in minutes.

Style Matters

Some of us are just design-challenged, and that’s okay! Style Matters is here to help. If you’re attempting to recreate trendy interiors, infuse your personality into your home, or create a welcoming and stylish interior for entertaining, this upbeat and engaging podcast is for you.

Real Estate Today

When you’re planning to buy or sell a home, it’s helpful to have a good grasp of housing market trends. The best real estate podcast in the US is the Real Estate Today podcast, offered by award-winning journalists. Designed to give Americans up-to-date, vetted, critical information about the rapidly-shifting real estate market, the show includes call-in questions from listeners, reports from around the country, and expert interviews from various sectors of the market.

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