…Another Man's Treasure!

Salvaging from a home remodel can be a fun project!  For a fraction of the cost of a new remodel, you can get gently used kitchen cabinets, doors, windows, counter tops, reclaimed wood, light fixture, etc. Let’s face it, eventually everything old is new again.  We all know that tastes, trends and what’s in is cyclical.  Old things have a way of becoming “retro” or “cool” if you just give it enough time.
I’ve been looking around to find places in Middle Tennessee that offer salvaged home items.  Here’s what I found and I’d be interested in any places you all know of that didn’t make my list!
Craig’s List
Craig’s List is a great place for finding recycled home materials, reclaimed wood, doors, windows, etc.  Many people who are renovating will put their gently-used kitchen cabinets, doors, windows, counter tops, etc. on Craig’s List.  For a fraction of the cost of new, you can find yourself with some pretty great items.  I have a friend who puts things out on Craig’s List for sale and sometimes for free.  I’m not kidding, she can set ANYTHING on her curb and it will be gone in two hours.
These kind of things are hot commodities on Craig’s List, so check early and check often. That truckload of reclaimed barn wood from the 1950’s might just be waiting for you!
barn wood
Hailey Salvage & Building Material
Hailey Pictures 007
Hailey’s is a true salvage place.   There are no prices and they only take cash, so go prepared to bargain.  Its a great place to start your search for a new pedestal sink or an old fireplace mantel or some weathered porch columns.
Habitat for Humanity
Nashville’s Habitat store is located on 8th Avenue near downtown, just north of Wedgewood.  A second building store is around the corner on Division, which houses the bigger building materials. Franklin’s store has online items and monthly discounts if you sign up to receive their emails.  Click here for a complete listing of all their home stores.