A Short Guide to the Wonders of Blogging

The goal of blogging is to build the relationship and stay relevant and be remembered by your current clients, past clients and future clients.  This is not a sales platform!


Blogging is your element of distinction – it’s what makes you stand out beyond the normal array of obligatory tools offered by all the other real estate professionals.


Define the BLOG:

-Outline your plan of action and figure out how you want to differentiate yourself.

-Be true to yourself:  If you have never opened the hood of your car, do not blog about performing automobile repairs!

-Choose popular topics…. Or not.

Approach the BLOG:

-Will you post random thoughts; ideas and stories based on your funny, whimsical personality and become a source of entertainment for your web site guests?

-Will you post about specific topics and encourage readers to write in and ask questions, perhaps a Q & A blog once a week or month?

-Will you select one idea and own it?  The widget expert, the community sports center, the neighborhood know-it-all?

Structure the BLOG:

-Trust is the #1 factor in moving forward in any relationship.

-Be consistent – commit to a writing schedule. People will not come back if you don’t keep at it.  (They won’t trust you if you’re a flighty writer.)

-Be honest and truthful – seriously.

-Check your facts – again, seriously.

-Give credit where credit is due, don’t steal photos or ideas, it’s not nice and it leaves you vulnerable to litigation or fines. Giving credit is as easy as hyperlinking a photo or phrase to the website where you found it.

-Invite comments and actually respond to them.  Be prepared to solve readers’ problems.

-Add pictures.

-Be authentic – people will know if you don’t know what you are talking about.


Understand the BLOG:

-Sometimes you miss the mark.  It’s ok – writing improves with time.

-People are mean, especially when they feel anonymous.

-You cannot please everyone, and frankly, who wants to?  That would be exhausting.

-Someone else will always do it better.  Don’t go there.  Comparison is the thief of joy.