5 Ideas for Transforming Your Extra Bedroom Into Something Fantastic

5 Ideas for Transforming Your Extra Bedroom Into Something Fantastic

As the fall semester starts at colleges in the Middle Tennessee area, many parents are finding themselves with an empty bedroom. Their son or daughter has taken their belongings, clothing, and more to their new dorm room and are embarking on a new adventure. While parents are excited for this pivotal moment in their child’s life, they are now left to decide what to do with the extra room.


Many parents choose to leave the room as is, which allows the child to use their room whenever they come home. On the other side of the spectrum, some parents use this opportunity to turn the empty bedroom into a something new. If you find yourself longing to complete a DIY remodeling project, now is your perfect opportunity! Try one of the following remodeling projects for the newly vacant bedroom in your Middle Tennessee home.

Home Office

After years of sharing the kitchen table, coffee table, living room or the family desk with your children, you can now have your very own space to concentrate and work. When planning for your new home office, be sure to procure the following items:


  • Your preferred paint color
  • A comfortable and functional desk
  • An office chair
  • Desk organizers
  • Office supplies such as pens, pencils, etc.
  • Wall decorations including degrees, pictures, and more
  • Shelving units for books and other items
  • Anything you want in your brand new office


Your home office design can be sleek and modern, or comfortable and convenient — it’s completely up to you!



In-Home Gym

If you want to ditch the gym membership and invest in your newly vacant space, why not transform it into an in-home gym?


Should you choose to add a gym to your home, you’ll have to invest in equipment. Luckily, this investment will last quite a long time! Common exercise equipment options include:

  • Yoga mats
  • Cardio equipment including treadmills and ellipticals
  • Free weights
  • Strength training bands
  • A television and stereo for entertainment
  • A towel stand


The paint color you choose for your in-home gym will have a direct effect on your overall motivation to exercise. Houzz recommends using the following color options:

  • Orange — Orange Zest by Behr
  • Blue — Any shade
  • Vibrant colors such as lime green or bright blues
  • Beige hues to promote concentration



A Game Room

A welcoming game room complete with a variety of entertainment options is sure to bring everyone together right in the comfort of your home. When remodeling a bedroom into a game room, make sure your interior design choices reflect an inviting and entertaining environment.


Homeowners commonly choose rustic and warm paint colors and furniture options to convey an inviting game room atmosphere. However, while the appearance of your game room is key, so is the layout. Your game room should be designed to facilitate entertainment, not hinder it! Make sure your pool table, game console, television and other items are arranged properly to generate a specific flow and environment.



Quiet Room 

Sometimes you just want to come home and unwind. With a chaotic household, it can be increasingly difficult to do so. Instead of leaving your spare bedroom as is, why not revamp it into a room devoted to relaxation? Whether you prefer to cuddle up with a good book or close your eyes for a bit with ambient music playing in the background, the newfound extra bedroom is the perfect place to do so.


One quick tip — if possible, find ways to sound proof your room to ensure a completely relaxing environment within your home.



A Creative Space

We all need a place where we can let our creativity run free! The extra bedroom is the perfect place to do so. No matter if you prefer to paint, draw, write, play music, sculpt, or even build something, a creative space is what you need. Some creative room ideas include:

      • Using chalkboard paint on a wall to write down ideas or draw
      • Shelving to store art supplies, musical instruments, and tools
      • Décor that promotes, not inhibits, your creativity — this will vary per individual

Whatever you need to ignite your creative spark!



If you had an extra room to use, what would you turn it into? Let us know on Facebook or in the comments section below.