3 Fun and Easy DIY Decorations

Tissue-Paper Pom-Poms

pom poms

These pom-poms are super cute and so easy to make! Simply make an accordion out of several sheets of tissue paper, bundle them together in the middle with a small ribbon, cut off the ends into a triangle shape, and voila! A gorgeous flower.


Corkboard, Yardstick-shaped


Do you have lots of corkscrews lying around, waiting to be put to use in some project or another? Well, look no further! Buy a wooden yardstick or ruler, and hot-glue the corks on it. You now have a conveniently-shaped corkboard that can fit into tight places and looks so clever!


Word Art

word art

Step 1: Pick a quote/lyrics/verse. Step 2: Buy the required wooden letters and a blank canvas from an art store. Step 3: Glue the letters on the canvas. Step 4: Spray paint the entire thing. And you’re done!

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