Middle Tennessee Farmers Markets

Now that spring has sprung and the weather is in its prime, it’s time to get outside and take advantage of your beautiful spring surroundings and the amazing communities Nashville has to offer. One easy way to do that? Go to farmer’s markets. It just takes one time perusing the booths of local produce, fresh-cut flowers, sought-after baked goods, and friendly faces and we promise you, you will be hooked. And by supporting local vendors, getting to know others in your community and buying fresh local foods, there aren’t many better ways to get a little fresh air.

One of the awesome things about farmer’s markets in Nashville is that they are all over town (we aren’t exaggerating, check out this list) and at different times on different days of the week. So no matter where you are or what your schedule looks like – there’s a pretty good chance you can squeeze one into your schedule. Here are some of our favorites:

Nashville Farmer’s Market
900 Rosa L. Parks Blvd. | Open 8 am – 6 pm, 7 days a week

We didn’t feel it was just to start this list with anything other than the Nashville Farmer’s Market. Open 7 days a week, this city staple is home to not only a rotation of local vendors, but also home to 16 different shops and restaurants inside. To top it off, they also host cooking workshops, have special-themed Saturdays (Strawberry Jubilee is on May 6th!) and a Nashville favorite – the night markets that take place the 3rd Friday of each month. The night market gives a completely different farmer’s market experience with activities for the family, seasonal beverages for the adults and live music for all!

Franklin Farmer’s Market
230 Franklin Road | Open 8 am to 1 pm, Saturdays

Another big name in the farmer’s market world, this impressive market transforms the area behind The Factory every Saturday from 8 am to 1 pm into a mecca for local goods and produce. Growing from 8 to over 70 farms since opening, this classic-feeling farmer’s market tries to focus on supporting as many farms of the Franklin area as possible. Check out their Strawberry Festival on May 13th!

12 South/Sevier Park
3021 Lealand Ln | Open 3:30 – 6:30 pm, Tuesdays

This picturesque market in Sevier Park is open Tuesdays from 3:30 – 6:30 pm starting in May. While you can easily walk to all of 12 South from the market’s location, you’ll probably find that there won’t be a rush to leave. 12 South’s Market is complete with food trucks, kids crafts, live music and fitness demos. Not only that, but each of those options changes so families come week after week for new activities, dinner options, and music. Head over on May 2nd for their Grand Opening Fiesta.

Hip Donelson
2730 Lebanon Pike | Open 4 – 7 pm, Fridays

Hip Donelson’s market invites a modern market vibe to an Ace Hardware’s parking lot every Friday from 4 pm to 7 pm. Not only does this market have live music and local artist’s booths, Hip Donelson is the only farmer’s market location reachable by bus andtrain. What’s really exciting, though? They don’t want anyone to miss out on their local farmers’ goods so they developed an impressive “farm to car” program for even the busiest of residents beginning May 5th!

East Nashville
1500 Davidson St. | Open 3:30 – 7 pm, Wednesdays

Located by the Shelby Park playground, this community favorite is up and running every Wednesday from 3:30-7pm beginning May 3rd. Taking place in one of Nashville’s fastest growing neighborhoods, this market has a true community vibe with residents of all ages enjoying every Wednesday’s gathering. Keep on the lookout for more events and announcements as they gear up for the season!

Main Street Murfreesboro
1 N Public Square | Open 8 am – noon, Saturdays, June – October

A stroll around Murfreesboro’s historic square and its shops and restaurants is made all the more better by dozens of vendors offering fresh fruits, vegetables, breads, meats, and flowers.

If you need a few ingredients for your weeknight dinner, you might also consider the Rutherford County Farmer’s Market located inside Lane Agri-Park on Tuesdays and Fridays from 7 am to noon. It’s a produce only market, but they also offer classes every market day at 9 am with topics including cooking, crafts, environmental education, sustainable gardening, and more.

HGTV Loves Nashville

HGTV loves Nashville, and it seems the country can’t get enough Nashville renovations. There are shows dedicated to renovations in just the Nashville area, but even the shows that haven’t originated here still want to take advantage of the trends that have made the Nashville renovation scene so hot and competitive.

Masters of Flip

Kortney and Dave Wilson, Nashville-area home renovation buffs, focus on neglected Nashville homes, transforming them into show-stoppers on their hit HGTV show “Masters of Flip.” Houses featured on the show are typically older, occasionally historic, homes with beautiful bones and architecture that need a lot of love and a keen eye.

Tune in: Mondays at 8 pm central time.

Listed Sisters

Lex and Alana LeBlanc, both Nashville natives of “Listed Sisters” fame, have filmed two seasons in and around the Nashville area. Focusing more on cosmetic renovations for quick moves and even quicker sells, this real estate pair helps Nashville homeowners fetch top dollar for their properties. Lex LeBlanc now runs LAVA Home Design, a “decor and more” store and interior design firm, offering her expertise to East Nashville homeowners.

Tune in: Currently filming season 2.

Property Brothers

Property Brothers has run several searches for fixer-uppers in the Nashville area, so be on the lookout for those episodes in upcoming seasons. If you’re not familiar with “Property Brothers“, twins Drew and Scott have been regulars on HGTV for several years helping homeowners renovate, buy, and sell their homes through the principal show based in Toronto and several spinoffs around the United States.

Be a part of the show: Casting Call

Flip or Flop

HGTV just announced a “Flip or Flop” spinoff here in Nashville, despite the divorce between its stars, Christina and Tarek El Moussa. They haven’t announced the hosts yet, but have confirmed that it will be hosted by a couple who can manage the renovations together. Viewers can expect the same

Tune in: The Nashville spin-off is still in the development phase, but is expected within the next year.

Nashville Flipped

Nashville Flipped“, a DIY Network show hosted by Troy Dean Shafer, an East Nashville struggling musician-turned home renovation junkie, focuses on historic restoration of abandoned and dilapidated homes. Shafer plus interior designer Julie Couch make a great team turning some of the biggest eyesores in the area into some truly incredible homes for Nashville to be proud of.

Tune in: Currently filming season 2.

As much as we love watching these seemingly magical renovations, what’s the effect on Nashville area home-buyers? How do these shows, and the amateur home flipping they inspire, change the market?

Experts seem to agree that Nashville is probably currently at a peak in the home flipping trend, which, unfortunately for first-time home buyers, means that fixer-uppers are selling for a premium due to competition. Often, these homes can get into bidding wars; unlike the trends in other areas of the country, where the buyers hold all the power, buyers may find themselves at a disadvantage here if they don’t have a flexible budget.

However, it may still be a buyers’ market for the homes that have already been renovated. Buyers can, and do, expect more. This is called “The HGTV effect,” and it has been in full display all over the United States and Canada. Buyers are no longer content with laminate countertops and fixtures in shiny contractor brass; they want granite and marble counter-tops, trendy light French oak plank floors (cerused, please), sustainably-sourced materials, clever textures, and light, airy spaces.

Sellers will have to get their houses up to expectations, or they may find that they have to settle for far less than they were hoping to earn for their homes. These homes that are not necessarily in need of renovations, but are outdated and lack trendy features may be where potential buyers find they can get the most bang for their buck. They can later update the home, one stage at a time, as they are able to afford it.

Across the board, Nashville HGTV hosts agree that neutral palettes with dove gray walls, light floors, white accents, and tiny pops of carefully-selected color are ideal, carefully displaying the delicious Nashville architecture that has so captured the attention of the nation. Less is more here, a trend that appeals to Millennials, who have embraced mindful minimalism.

If you’re a homebuyer who wants to have that modern, magazine-spread neutral home, you should find that they will continue to be available all over Nashville, as this house-flipping trend is only limited by the amount of available real estate. Ask for more, expect to pay less, and thank HGTV for helping to create this voracious market for meticulously remodeled homes.

Curb Appeal Renovations at Every Budget

When selling your home, time is of the essence. You don’t want it languishing on the market. One of the smartest ways to get your house ready for a quick sale is updating your home’s front exterior to maximize its curb appeal. Take your home from drab to fab with these savvy suggestions we’ve curated to fit a variety of budgets.

Budget-Friendly Ideas with Big-Impact results

  1. Upgrade the Hardware

If your home is still sporting fixtures in contractor brass, it’s imperative that you ditch those gleaming eyesores. Choose a finish that fits your home; brushed nickel is ideal for modern homes, while an oil-rubbed bronze finish is more suited to classic architecture. Even more budget-friendly: you can choose to spray paint fixtures with a sturdy, outdoor spray paint. Research the paint options that would be right for you, and don’t skip priming or sealing if you want this look to last.

  1. Replace the Mailbox

A tired, dingy mailbox can really put a damper on an otherwise adorable front yard. If giving your mailbox a good scrub doesn’t quite transform it, spend a little money and choose a new one that truly suits your home. Options range from formal to sporty, and are available at a range of prices, with some perfectly nice types costing as little as $20.

  1. Update the Shutters

If your shutters are dirty and peeling, your home will look unkempt and uninviting. Solve this problem by either scrubbing, stripping and painting what you’ve got, or take advantage of the versatility of the traditional board-and-batten look. Board-and-batten shutters can be nailed and glued together for just a few dollars a set, saving you hundreds over big-box options. They can be stained or painted to either match your home, or to provide a pop of exciting color. (Pro tip: hang these cute shutters on hooks so that they can be easily removed for cleaning and painting. This practical approach will appeal to buyers, who will be thinking about long-term maintenance.)

  1. Dress Up the Front Door

Perhaps nothing dresses up a home more for less money and effort than painting or replacing an old, worn out door. Choose a color or style that will emphasize what you love about your home; reds are eye-catching and sassy, blue and teal are soothing and friendly, and black-and-white designs are sharp and elegant.

  1. Add Pizzaz with Plants

If you’re not able to afford a full landscaping overhaul, you can still use plants to add dimension, color, and softness to your home’s exterior. Container plants are affordable and can be layered and stacked for maximum effect. Alternatively, hang just a few plants symmetrically around the front door or porch for a lived-in, welcoming feel.


 Medium-Budget Projects with Maximum Appeal

  1. Invest in New Porch Posts and Railings

If your porch posts and railings are boring, rotting, or peeling, your home’s curb appeal is definitely suffering. Buyers will notice, and it will likely cast doubt on your overall home maintenance. Swap out those tired pillars with new posts and railings. Modern options are PVC-clad for durability and ease of cleaning. Add molding for a custom, high-end look that will cost only a bit more.

  1. Add Dimension with a Porch

If your home’s front is flat and lacking dimension, adding plants and shutters might not be enough. To add real appeal, consider building a porch; it can be the best way to truly transform the lines of a boxy, flat design. Work with a professional who can make sure your home’s roof blends seamlessly with your porch, and again, adding crown molding is always a great way to get the most bang for your buck.


Big-Budget Projects that Add Maximum Value

1. Add Storage Space

If you can afford to add features to your home, consider adding storage.

The more storage space you can offer potential buyers, the easier it will be for them to envision themselves living there. The last thing you want is for people to walk through your home and wonder what they’ll have to give up in order to make your home work for them. Additional storage space will have the most impact in the bathrooms, closets, pantries, kitchen cabinets and in the garage.

  1. Re-do LandscapingThis one is fairly self-explanatory: if your home has fresh, modern landscaping with low-maintenance, drought-resistant plants with minimal swaths of lawn,  it’s more likely to appeal to buyers who must consider the long-term time and water investment that your yard will demand. Work with a professional landscaping designer if you don’t have substantial expertise in this area; this type of investment should be carefully planned in order to maximize your return-on-investment.

3. Dress Up the Whole Home

Big changes like replacing siding, windows, and roofs, or even simple changes like repainting or re-framing windows are all great ways to transform your home’s curb appeal. Nothing makes a house look brand-new quite like changing its “clothes” entirely. Potential buyers will be drawn in by your home’s beautiful exterior, cutting the time and effort needed to sell the home significantly. You will, of course, also be able to ask much more for your home if it has just been updated so significantly.

2017 Wallpaper Trends

The days of old-fashioned wallpaper are long since gone. Out with the old, and in the with the new eye-catching wall coverings that are taking on the design world by storm. Bold and simple, 2017’s wallpaper trends are heavily inspired by natural patterns, decadent colors and interesting textures. These wallpaper trends are an easy way to completely overhaul a room with just one simple addition.

Nature Inspired

The design world is currently loving big, oversized nature-inspired patterns. Often in neutral colors, these designs can easily blend with the current decor in a room. Thanks to the oversized patterns and the reminiscent of nature feel, these simple designs can lift the energy of any room. Nature-inspired designs with a tropical twist are especially in right now.


Not only do silver and gold wallpapers give a decadent feel, but their light-bouncing qualities gives small rooms a bigger feel. Metallic wallpapers are often more about the texture than the pattern. The way a metallic wall covering bounces off light, especially in naturally darker rooms, are usually what designers look for. As an added bonus, wallpapers with a metallic treatment are often thicker and provide more sound-proofing.


 Geometric wallpapers can bring a clean, orderly feel to your room. With designs as simple and complex as they come, geometric wall coverings are hugely versatile and offer design solutions to a wide variety of tastes. For bolder looks, try loud patterns in small spaces. For a more simple and serene look, try a lighter, single hue pattern in a larger space.


 Marble wallpaper is not only known as incredibly stylish, but also for its unique ability to withstand the test of time. Similar to geometrics, marble patterns can be fit to your exact needs. Tighter patterns are better for smaller spaces, and you have many more monochrome patterns than in other patterns. Since marble designs are such a unique work of art in themselves, transforming a room with it usually means keeping the rest of the decor simple and understated.

Natural Textures

Just as the rest of the world, the wallpaper world has caught up with the endless possibilities of choices. From wall coverings of your favorite wood paneling, to concrete, and brick, there is now a wallpaper for any texture you could want. The best part? You can get that perfect aesthetic without having to install the real material.



Afraid to commit a whole room to your fabulous new print? Try one accent wall. Sometimes having one focal point in the room is exactly what you need for your new look.

Order samples! Nothing is worse than buying wallpaper that ends up not working with your house’s natural lighting and space – something you can’t determine from an online store or catalog.

Trends are of course the new in look, but don’t be afraid to go with the aesthetic you’ve always enjoyed, even if it’s a little more old-school. After all, it’s your home!

We are all about the DIY homeowner, but when it comes to more complex patterns, be careful when it comes to installation. Sometimes the tricky alignment that the designs need calls for a professional.


May Events in Middle Tennessee

May 6 – 7, 13 – 14, 20 – 21, 27 – 28, & 29: Tennessee Renaissance Festival 

Arrington | 10 am – 6 pm
Step  back into 16th Century England as you enjoy castle tours, jousting and birds of prey shows, folk music, dancing, and much more. Also spend some time at the Renaissance Marketplace enjoying specialty food and drinks and browse for jewelry, silks, and swords displayed by over 60 Artisan dealers. Each weekend is themed, so be sure to check their website to plan your perfect outing.

May 5 – 6: Sevier Park Fest

Sevier Park & 12 South Neighborhood
Celebrating and bringing together the 12 South, Hillsboro Village, and Belmont neighborhoods, this two day festival promises a fun weekend for all guests. A ticketed event will take place Friday night from 6 – 10 pm and will feature music from the Lone Bellow, Muddy Magnolias, and Family and Friends. Events taking place on Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm are free to the public and include more music, food and craft vendors, a hot wing eating contest, a kids area, and more.

May 5 – 7: Tennessee Craft Fair

Centennial Park | Friday and Saturday 10 am – 6 pm | Sunday 10 am – 5 pm 
Hundreds of Tennessee craft artists will be on hand showcasing one of a kind pieces including jewelry, photography, furniture, wood, leather, and much more. Food vendors will be on site as well as demonstrators and a kids area with hands-on activities.

May 13: Middle Tennessee Strawberry Festival

Portland | 7 am – 10 pm
Celebrating the rich agricultural history of Portland, the Middle Tennessee Strawberry Festival offers live music, a carnival, fireworks, craft vendors, a 5k, and of course, strawberries from local farmers. Several events are taking place in the two weeks leading up to the event including a pageant, golf tournament, and more chances to hear live music and enjoy the carnival, so check out their event calendar for more details.

May 12, 19, & 26: Musician’s Corner Acoustic Friday Night

May 13, 20, & 27: Musician’s Corner Saturdays

Centennial Park | Times Vary
Featuring both up and coming and already famous artists, Musician’s Corner has become a springtime staple at Centennial Park. The free event welcomes guests of all ages as well as dogs, includes food trucks, beverage tents, Kidsville, and Dogsville, and encourages sustainability and local businesses.

May 13: Iroquois Steeplechase

Percy Warner Park | 8 am – 5:30 pm (first race at 1 pm)
Dress in your finest as you attend the 76th annual Iroquois Steeplechase. Guests will witness some of the best horses and riders in the world as they tackle the three-mile turf track of Percy Warner Park. In addition, enjoy the event’s family areas, delicious foods, and refreshing juleps, all while supporting various local nonprofits and charities.

May 18 – 20: Franklin Rodeo

AG Expo Park | 7 pm
In its 68th year, the Franklin Rodeo invites guests to come enjoy a range of events including bareback riding, roping, mutton busting, barrel racing, bull riding, and more. In addition, a parade will take place on Saturday the 13th at noon in downtown Franklin and a free party at the AG Expo will kickoff the event on Wednesday the 17th from 6 – 9 pm.

May 20: Nashville Wine and Food Festival

Bicentennial Mall | 12 – 4 pm
Mix and mingle with fellow wine and food lovers at the 4th annual Nashville Wine and Food Festival. Featuring not only wine and food, of-age guests can enjoy the festival’s beer garden, cigar lounge, and attend wine and food seminars led by top sommeliers and chefs. Guests are also given a complimentary Riedel wine glass and wine accessories to take home.

May 25-27: Music City Jazz Festival

Riverfront Park | Times Vary
Bring a chair or blanket and enjoy a weekend of enjoying smooth jazz, people-watching, food, and drinks. Picnic lunches and coolers are encouraged.

Outdoor Activities in Middle Tennessee This Spring

Although Middle Tennessee experiences relatively mild winters, there’s something about those first blooms and higher temperatures that truly bring a sense of play and excitement. The world of sunny, outdoor fun is officially open for business!

As most things tend to go in Middle Tennessee, there’s truly something for everyone when it comes to getting your fresh air and blue skies. Here’s a rundown of a few of Parks’ favorite spring options:

Greenways and B-Cycles

With a huge variety of both paved and more rustic trails, Nashville’s Greenway system is an impressive expanse of 190 miles of trails. For those who want to mix it up a little, many of the greenways closer to downtown have B-Cycle stations. These cheap to rent and easy to ride bikes are becoming a Nashville favorite in parks such as Sevier and Centennial.

Cheekwood in Bloom

For those that want to take full advantage of the flowering beauty of springtime in Middle Tennessee, the annual Cheekwood in Bloom show is something you don’t want to miss. With 150,000 blooming bulbs and activities for the whole family, this has become an annual tradition for many residents. Be sure to mark your calendars, Cheekwood closes their spring show on April 23rd!

Kayak on the Historic Harpeth River

The Harpeth River is a true Middle Tennessee treat with nine different access sites to begin your canoe or kayak adventure. Whether you have your own gear or are ready to rent, the Harpeth River allows you to row (or float!) your way through unique scenery and interesting history.

Nashville Sounds Game

For some people, warmer temperatures and longer days can only mean America’s great pastime is back in full swing. With cheap tickets, your favorite drink in hand, and fun stadium atmosphere, Nashville Sounds games are a fun way to spend a night in the great outdoors without having to get too adventurous. The home opener is April 11th, but with frequent games and a long season, the Sounds are hard to miss!

Walk at Radnor Lake

No one has ever gone to Radnor Lake and not been impressed. Nestled between suburban neighborhoods, you would never guess the beauty that would appear as you step into the park. Radnor Lake is a true hidden gem, with a view you can take in from almost all angles with an easy walking trail that circles the historic man-made lake.

Nashville Zoo at Grassmere

Another family favorite, the Nashville Zoo, is an easy adventure-filled day for families. The Nashville Zoo is small, but for what it lacks in size, is more than made up for in hands on experiences, with a serious highlight being the open kangaroo exhibit where you can not only walk among Kangaroos but pet them, too! Spring is a perfect time to visit, with many events on the calendar. Check out their Party for the Planet on April 21st.

Arrington Vineyard

In the beautiful hills of Arrington, TN lies the breathtaking views and delicious wine of Arrington Vineyard. Arrington is a true treat for guests, often turning into a whole day affair. Popular for their impressive grounds with picnic tables scattered about, visitors not only sample wine, but often bring entire picnics and celebrations to enjoy on the beautiful hillside. As you sample wine, you can snack on picnic treats from home or purchase them from the Vineyard. While Arrington makes for the perfect “adult” day out, kids are welcome and often seen running around with other young visitors.