Best Burgers in Nashville

Best Burgers in Nashville


Craving a good burger can spring on someone at any time, and the best way to satisfy those cravings are to hit up some of Nashville’s most popular burger joints. With one-of-a-kind craft burgers or even a perfected classic burger, Nashville burger restaurants will have you leaving full and satisfied.

Gabby’s Burgers and Fries

Located right across the street of the old abandoned Nashville Sounds stadium, Gabby’s is the place to go for a “no-frills” all-American burger. Inside is your local burger joint, complete with an open grill and classic decorations. One of the most popular burgers is the chili cheese burger, complete with a heaping helping of fresh fries. But nothing beats the classic “Gabby Burger,” that is just 2 patties’, cheese and basic toppings cooked to perfection. All burgers have grass-fed patties and are served to you within minutes of ordering.



M.L Rose Craft Burgers

With 2 locations, one on Franklin Pike and the other on Charlotte Pike, M.L Rose has quickly become one of the most popular, eclectic and fun place to grab a craft burger. If you are in the mood for a burger that is not too out of the ordinary but still has a different spin on it that you would not find anywhere else, then come to M.L Rose. Their waffle fries come in multiple ways, loaded, cheesy, blue cheese, sweet potato and Carolina sweet. Each are so delicious; you will want to order all of them!


MLRose 1

The Pharmacy

Make sure you find the time to try The Pharmacy, a classic staple in East Nashville with a very popular biergarten (beer garden). Voted Nashville’s best burger time and time again, it is no surprise that the burger parlor burgers are delicious. But what really makes them great? Try some of their homemade topping like beer mustard, Horchata Cream Fresca, maple mustard, wasabi aioli and curry ketchup. May as well order yourself a root beer float or a Kentucky mint phosphate since they have their own soda shop.

Burger Republic

Winner of countless awards and burger competitions in Nashville, Burger Republic knows how to create a mouthwatering craft burger, and it shows. Like in the “96 Burger” which received the highest rating in the 2014 World Food Championships (a 96) with angus beef blended with bleu cheese, topped with honey-balsamic glazed mushrooms, onions and bacon, then topped with shoestring fries and garlic-horseradish aioli. Or the Anniversary Burger #3, the 2015 Nashville Burger Brawl winner complete with Yazoo smoked porter BBQ sauce, slaw, pork belly and gouda. Also while you’re treating yourself, order a spiked milkshake to shake things up. Check them out in Lenox Village or the Gulch.


Burger Republic

Grilling Party at Home for Memorial Day

Grilling Party at Home for Memorial Day



Each year, as May draws to a close and Spring is in full swing with summer just around the corner, everyone gathers together with their family and friends to celebrate Memorial Day. When the weather is divine, Memorial Day cookouts are the joie de vivre. Here’s hoping that this year’s day to honor fallen US soldiers will be full of sunshine and gentle breezes.


Originally called Decoration Day in 1868 at the end of the American Civil War, today’s modern Memorial Day celebrates any and all American soldiers who died while they were in the military. Sometimes the meaning behind Memorial Day can get lost, and it’s important to reflect on what the day really signifies. Children, especially, need a formal education about the day’s significance so they can properly understand what the celebration is all about.


The tradition of celebrating military members who died while in service with a picnic-like gathering actually has its roots before the Civil War, and the word ‘potluck’ stems from those long-ago ‘outdoor meals.’


This year, as you prepare for your annual Memorial Day cookout, you may be looking for some ideas that will bring a breath of fresh air to your festivities.


  • Patriotic cocktails (or mocktails) – Since Memorial Day is a day honoring US military members who died while serving their country, serve up a twist when it  comes to the day’s beverages. Consider Red, White and Blue Sangria or a Patriotic Shirley Temple. Both can be served with or without alcohol.


  • Burger bar – Forego the bland and boring traditional hotdogs and hamburgers served with packaged buns and opt for a burger bar where guests can serve themselves up a gourmet burger made to suit them perfectly. It’s also a great idea to offer meat alternatives so that your vegetarian friends will be able to partake in the burger bar too. Some burger topping ideas include: fresh and varied vegetables, a wide variety of different cheeses, grilled or fresh fruit, bacon and chili. When it comes to the burger buns, think outside of the box and offer fresh bakery rolls, pretzel rolls, ciabatta bread, brioche bread and more.


  • Burger alternatives – Try your hand at something other than burgers, too. Your guests will appreciate your efforts. How about Mango Barbeque Chicken or Smoked Ribs?


  • Mouthwatering sides – Don’t simply stock up at your local deli counter this Memorial Day. Try making some incredible side dishes from scratch at home. Turn regular potato salad into steak potato salad! Are you sick of the same old macaroni salad every year? Get creative with creamy grape salad. The internet is chock full of great recipe idea that will blow your guests away.


Of course, no Memorial Day cookout would be complete without its fair share of desserts. Stick with a red, white and blue theme, or mix it up to include some dishes based solely on their delectability. Salted caramel anything is bound to go over well. Try turning whoopee pies into carrot cake whoopee pies for a sweet change.


Most importantly, remember to prep and clean your grill and make sure you have enough propane to last throughout the entire party. This Memorial Day, take grilling at home to the next level!

Listing of the Week

Listing of the Week



This week’s listing is a

special one because it is the 2016 O’More Show House! This year, twenty-two spaces will each be presented by individual designers from around the Southeast, many of whom are graduates of O’More College of Design in Franklin. This home is located at 1006 W Main Street in the National Registered-listed Hincheyville Historic District. It was built in 1919 and is a beautifully designed brick and stucco Craftsman-style home. The owners of this home completed an entire renovation of the interior of the home, and kept the street-view outside of the home the same to keep to the old southern charm. From now until May 27th, you can purchase tickets to tour this home to see the fabulous and unique designed spaces and all of the ticket proceeds benefit the O’More College fund. Open Tuesday-Sunday 10am-4pm, Thursday 10am-7pm and closed Mondays. You can purchase tickets here. This is listed by Danny Anderson the Managing Broker of the Parks on Main office in Downtown Franklin and you can view this listing here.

Best BBQ in Nashville

Best BBQ in Nashville


Surprise! Memphis is not the only city in Tennessee that is known for their finger-licking good BBQ. Music City has made its way on the map with a few places who have made a name for themselves and earned their recognition. And it shows, many of these restaurants have been featured on multiple TV shows on the Food Network.


Peg Leg Porter

Located in the Gulch and relatively new to the BBQ scene, only opening in 2013, has become one of the most popular BBQ joints in all of Nashville! They have some pretty unique menu items that you will have to try like their Memphis sushi (sausage cheese platter with saltines) and the Kool-Aid pickles. Pitmaster Carey Bringle brings a Memphis spin in all of his sauces and believes in cooking his meat low and slow, just the way Tennessean’s like it. Not to mention, Peg Leg Porter is located right behind Yazoo Brewing Company, so after a few beers you can walk behind the building and can indulge in some delicious BBQ, how convenient!



Owner and pit master, Pat Martin takes his love for BBQ very seriously. He comes in at 5am every morning, 7 days a week to make everything from scratch with his team. Their “Redneck Taco” can’t be beat, your choice of slow cooked meat on top of a cornbread hoe-cake topped with coleslaw and sauce. He has locations in Mt. Juliet, Nolensville and the most recent (and most popular) Belmont location. Be on the lookout for their Downtown Nashville location opening up in June 2016!


Jack’s Bar-B-Que

Filled with rich history and being one the of the most iconic signs on Broadway, Jack’s Bar-B-Que has built its way up over decades to now be considered the “godfather” of BBQ in Nashville. Jack Cawthon opened his original location on 1st Ave. and Broadway in 1976 overlooking the riverfront. It has since been moved directly on Broadway due to Hard Rock Café needing his space for a new parking lot. But now all of the hungry patrons walking by smell the aroma of hickory smoked greatness and they just have to stop in! Texas brisket, Tennessee pork shoulder, Boston turkey and St. Louis ribs make up some of the popular menu items that keep locals and tourists coming back for more.



Make sure if you plan to visit Edley’s BBQ, that you get their early…and hungry! They only make enough meat for the day and the most popular item to go first? The brisket. With 2 locations in 12 South and East Nashville, Edley’s is the perfect marriage of Nashville’s famous meat-and-three concept and BBQ. Everything is a “secret family recipe” and everything is homemade. Their BBQ nachos may be the best you will ever have next to their Tuck Special. It comes with smoked brisket, house-made spicy pimento cheese, an over-easy egg and red and white sauces.


Bacon & Caviar

Otherwise known as just B&C BBQ, may look like just another average BBQ joint, but the flavors coming from the menu items will explode your taste buds. The sides that they offer completely take the cake, like the macaroni and cheese or their famous “grits of the day.” It is hard to choose between all of the delicious homemade sides, but the always crowd favorite are the grits, no matter what flavor. Located in Melrose and also at the Nashville Farmers Market, make sure to stop by and give B&C a try.

Listing of the Week

Listing of the Week



This is an immaculate 4BR/4.5BA new construction all-brick home in the heart of Green Hills. Listed for $1,599,900, it is located on an acre lot and is a courtesy of the Vintage South Development. This house is top of the line and has it all. Soaring ceilings with an impeccable attention to detail, custom cabinets, gorgeous millwork and Jenn-Air appliances. Complete with 2 fireplaces, a 3-car garage, and walk-in closets. This home is listed by Lacey Newman and Jonathon Heard from the Parks in Green Hills office. Find out more on this home here.


Nashville Hot Chicken

Nashville Hot Chicken




Nashville Hot Chicken is a beloved local specialty of Nashville. Starting with a chicken breast, thigh and wing, it is then marinated in a liquid blend of spicy seasonings, then it is floured then fried and topped with a spicy paste that is mainly cayenne pepper. There are multiple heat levels you can choose from for hot chicken and the variations come from the paste and seasoning. The classic way to serve hot chicken is on top of a slice of white bread and topped with pickle chips.


But how did this trend start? It has been said that it goes back to the mid 1940’s where Thornton Prince III was reportedly a womanizer and after a late night out, his girlfriend made him a fried chicken breakfast and added extra cayenne pepper seasoning to inflict pain as revenge. Thornton liked it so much he created his own recipe and opened a chicken café. Now known as Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack, operated by Thornton’s great-niece. So much for revenge, right?


Started as sabotage, Nashville Hot Chicken has exploded and now the recipe has spread across the US. The former Mayor of Nashville, Bill Purcell, loves hot chicken so much that he sponsored the popular Music City Hot Chicken Festival, which hosts a “Nashville Hot Chicken Cook-off.” Today there are a few restaurants that are famously known for cranking out some of Nashville’s most delicious hot chicken.


Hattie B’s


If you are a tourist and new to Nashville, you will probably hear of the ever popular, Hattie B’s. Hattie B’s is new to the hot chicken scene, only open since 2012, but has become one of the most popular due to the location and word of mouth. They offer your choice of chicken in 5 heat levels: Southern (no heat at all, essentially just fried chicken, for the people who can’t handle the heat), mild/medium hot, damn hot, and “Shut The Cluck Up.” If you want to be a big-shot and order a heat level you can’t handle, don’t worry, Hattie B’s has a delicious menu of southern homemade deserts like banana pudding or a root beer float to cancel out the pain. But make sure to give yourself plenty of time if you want to go to the Midtown location, you will be standing in a long line of other anticipating fan’s.


Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack


If you want the authentic, and what is said to be the original, birth place of Nashville Hot Chicken, Prince’s is the place to go. Located in North Nashville, each chicken is made to order, so do not arrive in a hurry. Even on Friday and Saturday night’s when it stays open until 4am, you will find a line of hungry patrons. The chicken comes in four heat levels: mild, medium, hot, and extra hot. Pretty standard, right? Wrong. Event just the “hot” will make you sweat, your nose run and cause so much burning on the tongue, that you will not know where to turn for help. But the “extra hot” will cause you overall body discomfort to the extreme levels.


Party Fowl


Located in the Gulch, the latest addition to the hot chicken game is Party Fowl. Opening its doors in 2014, it features its main dish, no surprise, Nashville Hot Chicken. But they decided to serve it multiple ways! They have hot chicken nachos, hot chicken po’boy, Nashville hot catfish po’boy and Nashville hot tenders. For a trendier spin on hot chicken, Party Fowl is the the place to be, not to mention its long list of local craft brews to wash down the spice.

Top Gadgets for your Kitchen

Top Gadgets for your Kitchen



If you’ve just moved into a brand new home or are simply in the mood to update your cooking routine, there are a multitude of exceptionally “cool” gadgets currently on the market that will make food prep more fun than ever before.


  • Drop

    -The combination of an ultra-modern cooking app and an accompanying small scale, Drop allows you to measure ingredients without using any measuring cups or tools. The Drop scale measures the weight of each item you add to your mixture, telling you when to stop on the Apple screen of your choice. You’ll also have access to interactive recipes, ingredient substitutions, and the ability to share your creations on all social media platforms.

  • Cherry Pitter

    – Who doesn’t love sitting down to enjoy a fresh bowl of cherries? The only thing better would be sitting down to enjoy a bowl of pitted cherries! Cherrymat’s Cherry Pitter allows you to do just that. The most incredible part about this gadget is that it leaves the rest of the cherry virtually in one piece. Imagine the pies you could make with the ability to pit 25 pounds of cherries per hour!

  • Butter Mill

    – Anyone who frequently forgets to set out the butter to soften up a bit before using it will love this tool. With the Butter Mill, you simply place a cold stick of butter inside and twist. Voila! Your hard, cold butter is grated instantly and ready for use immediately.

  • Waffle Bowl Maker

    – While this is undoubtedly not a “must-have” item, it is one of those fun gadgets that can really come in handy if you’re a real baking (or eating) enthusiast. Made by Bella, this small countertop appliance lets you make waffle bowls for enjoying ice cream or even cookie bowls that you can fill up with milk, instantly “dipping” your entire cookie at once!

  • Mr. Tea Infuser

    – A really easy and affordable way to add some fun into your morning routine, Mr. Tea’s Silicone Tea Infuser is named ‘Fred’ and is shaped like a relaxing little man who reclines into your teacup. Simply fill him up with loose tea or a teabag and hang him over the edge of your cup, eliminating the need to worry about cleaning up loose tea grounds or a hot, dripping tea bag after it finishes steeping.

  • Corn cob peeler

    – Called the Corn Stripper from OXO, this handy gadget makes getting fresh, delicious corn off the cob and into your mouth easier than ever. Especially handy for parents of children who are in the midst of loose and missing teeth, the Corn Stripper can also be useful for anyone who wants to freeze fresh corn to enjoy later in the year.

  • Pantelligent

    – This amazing product is a smart pan with a built-in temperature gauge. Used in combination with the Pantelligent app, you’ll never again have to guess when your food is cooked thoroughly. As simple as touching your smartphone to the handle of the pan, Pantelligent tells you when you should flip your food and warns you if you’re in danger of burning something.

Listing of the Week

Listing of the Week



This listing of the week is located in the desirable Berkshire Neighborhood in the custom estate section on the West side of Murfreesboro. The owner’s suite is located downstairs and is essentially one whole side of the home and was made to accommodate a king sized bed with plenty of space. The owner’s suite also features it’s own fire place and deep trey ceiling. This home was built for entertaining with ample room for guests to mill around and yet stay connected to the party. The backyard is one of the largest in the neighborhood at over half an acre and has a full-length deck and plenty of room for a pool to be built. Berkshire is a great choice for those looking to be in the Blackman community with the Triple Blackman Schools or for those that need quick access to TN-840 and I-24 to make commuting to Franklin or Nashville an easy 25-30 minutes. With a smaller price tag and greater amenities and upgrades than it’s Williamson counterparts, 5426 Sherrington Road is a special find. Find out more here.

Fun Party Food-Art with Kids

Fun Party Food-Art with Kids


Funwithfood (1)


If you’re throwing a party for one of your children, whether for their birthday or another holiday, you’ve undoubtedly given a lot of thought to the party theme, décor, favors, activities, cake design (and flavor), invitations, food, party location, the guest list, and about a million more nitty gritty details.


A quick glance at Pinterest will give you a plethora of suggestions to make any child’s party unforgettable. However, in the interest of maintaining your sanity, we recommend that you don’t try to live up to the perfection that exists only on Pinterest. Focus on keeping it real, and when we say real – we mean real fun!


No child’s party is complete without some fun games, projects or activities for all of the partygoers to participate in. Why not cross two items off your To-Do list simultaneously by making one of the children’s activities to create something they can eat?


Food art for kids is a fantastic party activity – mostly because kids love playing with their food, but rarely are they actually allowed (even encouraged) to do so. In fact, most parents have heard themselves say (at least a handful of times), “Don’t play with your food!”


What follows are some awesome party food crafts that all of your party attendees are sure to go crazy for!


Make your own pizza


Pizza parties have been around forever, so the concept’s not new, but luckily today’s kids still love them! Maybe you’ll decide to go with a traditional Make Your Own Pizza activity, where everyone makes a personal-sized pie with toppings of their choosing. Winter time brings the option of making Snowmen Pizzas. Just divvy up the dough into 3 smaller circles instead of one larger one. Use olives for the eyes, mouth and buttons, and a carrot for his nose!


Hot dog mummies


If you’re throwing an October birthday party or a Halloween party specifically, hot dog mummies are easy and extremely fun for everyone! Simply slice up some biscuit dough into thin slices and wrap them around hot dogs like a mummy’s dressing. Bake them in the oven at 375 for 13-15 minutes. Give them eyes with two dots of ketchup poking out through the dough strips.


Edible petri dish treats


For the little science-lovers, consider placing jello, gummy worms and other gummy critters into shallow plastic containers to create a life-like petri dish that can be examined and then consumed!


Cookie tacos


Party planning around Cinco de Mayo? By cutting some golden Oreo cookies in half and gluing them back together at an angle with melted peanut butter as glue, you’ll have the “shells.” Using chocolate frosting and crushed chocolate Oreos (or other chocolate cookie), you’ll create the “ground taco meat.” Shredded coconut plus green food coloring equals lettuce, and yellow taffy can be flattened to simulate taco cheese. Add just the ends of some Hot Tamales candies for “tomatoes,” and add white icing for sour cream.


Remember, the key to your party food art success is that everyone enjoys themselves. Don’t worry about perfection – strive for laughs and lots of taste testing fun!

Best Brunch in Nashville: Mothers Day

Best Brunch in Nashville: Mothers Day



Listening Room Café


The LRC is an experience unlike any other! This is the perfect place to take someone in town visiting to give them the full Nashville experience. It has a great menu filled with every staple brunch item, including bottomless mimosas, but the brunch buffet is the way to go. An on-site omelet maker is there to create the omelet of your dreams and you cannot forget to try the Nutella desert casserole. While you are eating, enjoy what the Listening Room Café is known for, its live music. Each day features a new artist and there is always a top notch performance.


Biscuit Love


Formally one of Nashville’s most popular food truck, Biscuit Love now has a location in the heart of the Gulch and believe me when we say to get there early. Upon arrival on a weekend, expect a line down the street of people waiting to get in, but it is well worth the wait! They are famous for their “Bonuts” (biscuit-doughnuts) and they do not disappoint. Everything from regular brunch items to salads to burgers. Some classics include a “Sammy” with hot chicken salad on a toasted biscuit and the “Lily” which is biscuit French toast with lemon mascarpone and blueberry compote.


The Flipside 12 South


Normally known for their “Jacks Best Chicken” which is a deliciously breaded, thin pounded chicken breast and seasoned breadcrumbs pan sautéed in extra virgin olive oil with over 20 topping combinations. For their brunch menu on Saturday’s and Sunday’s from 11am-3pm you can order anything off the regular menu or indulge in brunch specialties like the “Chicken & Waffles,” Jack’s Best chicken topped with waffles and whipped butter. But the showstopper at the Flipside for brunch is the “Big Fix.” The Big Fix is a Bloody Mary like you have never seen before topped with bacon, celery, cucumber, olives, pepperoncini, tots, Jack’s Best Chicken and a snow crab claw.



55 South


Located on Main Street in Historic Downtown Franklin, 55 South has been featured on Diners Drive-ins and Dives on the Food Network. On Saturday’s and Sundays, 55 South offers a unique brunch menu with entrees like Killer Breakfast Tacos with scrambled eggs, chorizo and breakfast potato’s and Salmon Croquette Benedict with fresh salmon, capers, poached eggs and hollandaise. But the best part of the menu is the specialty brunch cocktails. 2-4-1 mimosas, a build your own Bloody Mary bar and The Krispy Russian, which is a spin on a White Russian but with Krispy Kreme Donut Milk and there is more where that came from!


Parthenon Grille


A Murfreesboro gem, the Parthenon Grille may not be a place that one would normally think about dining at for brunch, but it’s a place not to be missed! Their brunch drink specials are what makes this a desired place to brunch. Mimosas for only $2 and other signature drinks like a Grapefruit and Apple Champagne cocktail, St. Germaine Champagne cocktail, and a Melon Champagne cocktail for only $3 each! With regular but delicious brunch items and many selected items from their regular menus, you are bound to find something to enjoy. Brunch is on Sundays from 10am-2pm.