Look Ahead to April

Look Ahead to April



Coming up in April, Parks will be featuring the theme for the month: In Bloom! Below are some fun events and activities in the area to look forward to.


Downtown Franklin Art Walk– The first Friday of every month, Downtown Franklin hosts the Franklin Art Scene. It is a free event for all and there are free trolley rides where patrons can ride and stop wherever from 6-9pm. Art will be displayed at dozens of sites even including a variety of spots that appear on the National Register of Historic Places in downtown Franklin. Stop by to see what kind of creativity local artists have to showcase. Find out more here.


Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival– On Saturday April 9th, The Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival will be held at the Nashville Public Square. This festival is hosted by the Japan-America Society of Tennessee and the Mayor’s Office, Metro Nashville. It is a celebration of spring and the friendship of Japan and the United States by showcasing Cherry Blossom trees. This event will be held from 10am-5pm and will have authentic Japanese food, cultural children activities, local art and a Ginza Japanese market. Find out more here.


Nashville Film Festival– One of the longest running film festivals in the country, the 47th Nashville Film Festival will be held April 14th-23rd. Over 280 films will be showcased from 55 countries around the world and range from experimental shorts, animations and documentaries. There have been major celebrity appearances over the years like Nicole Kidman, Oprah Winfrey, Rob Thomas and Brad Paisley. All of the films can be viewed at Green Hills Cinema and tickets can be purchased here.


Cheekwood in Bloom– Already in full swing, from now until April 24th, the Cheekwood Botanical Gardens host Cheekwood in Bloom. A six-week event that that represents springtime with 100,000 tulips that erupt with color. There is no better way to get used to warmer weather and longer days in Tennessee than to experience this event. Every Saturday there is children’s story time in the garden, art activities and live music. Stop by to see what attracts many people each year and find out what everyone is talking about. You can learn more here.


Cannonsburgh Pioneer Days– Join the fun in Rutherford County for the 40th annual Pioneer Days. This event will be in Cannonsburgh Village on April 16th from 10am-4pm. Admission is free and fun will be provided for all! So many activities range from hand-made soap demonstrations, blacksmith demonstrations, live music and an antique car show. Even more fun to be had with hayrides, cloggers, petting zoo, square dance classes and over 40 local crafters and artists. See more here.

Color Trends for Your Home this Spring

Color Trends for Your Home this Spring


Something about the feel of spring in the air is guaranteed to make every homeowner yearn to do some reorganizing and potentially even some redecorating. If a redesign is in the cards for you this spring, you’ll be interested to know that there are quite a few intriguing color trends emerging.

Spring 2016’s Color Trends: Bringing Brilliance, Light and Sophistication into Your Home


Purples – If you’ve always had a thing for everything purple – this is your season to revel in it! Try mixing muted purple and lilac shades with colors like grey and cool taupe. Remember, a little purple goes a long way, but in combination with a few neutrals, you’ll have an elegant and modern look. Pantone has already picked lilac gray as one of their favorites for this spring. As a great alternative to traditional neutrals, lilac gray provides some visual interest and wears well beside any season’s décor.


Simply White – Paint company Benjamin Moore has declared this ultra neutral as their color of the year for 2016, and what better time to bring some light into your home than springtime? Simply White (#OC 117) was chosen out of Benjamin Moore’s 250 different white shades because of its consistency in a variety of light sources and its ability to show off the details and form of a room’s architecture and design without getting in the way. If you’re looking to add some simple elegance this year, bring in some Simply White.


Bright, chromatic tones – On the other side of the color spectrum from Simply White you’ll find Behr’s vibrant, sensory-stimulating color palettes for the upcoming season. These colors include vivid shades like Pagoda, a bright berry mauve shade that pairs well with cool neutrals and daring colors like Emperor’s Silk, a jewel-toned blue-green turquoise.


Glass .02 – Along with being committed to producing less toxic products that are earth-friendly, the company Colorhouse has chosen to highlight this soft grayish-green color for Spring 2016. As one of a trio of what Colorhouse dubs ‘calm colors,’ Glass .02 is a nod to being authentic. In a world saturated with filtered photos, this is a color that can be found in the real world. Shabby chic, recycled wood or thrift store decor furnishings look perfect with this shade as a backdrop.


Gray, gray and more gray – A number of paint companies are naming one of their gray tones as a top color this Spring. It’s true that gray is this year’s new black! Even though springtime typically makes us think of pastel colors and bright blue skies, a soft dove gray compliments those colors incredibly well. Teamed with Benjamin Moore’s Simply White, a true aluminum gray looks striking and can be brought to life with pops of bright colors in moveable décor items.


There are even more Spring 2016 color trends than were mentioned here. If you’re thinking about giving a room or two a new wash of color this season, check with your local home supply store, where you’re sure to find more inspiration than you can imagine.

How To Stage Your Home To Sell

How To Stage Your Home To Sell


A very important step in the process of selling your house is ‘staging’ your home in order to attract as many potential buyers as possible. If it is within your budget, you can hire a professional staging company to take care of this detail for you.


If you’re working with a smaller budget, however, staging your home is something that you can do yourself with a little effort and minimal investment. The following tips and suggestions will give you impressive results that will wow everyone who passes through your home.


Complete Any Repairs

Take the time now to do any small projects that you’ve been meaning to get around to, like replacing a cracked window or putting a sliding door back on its hinges. By doing all repairs first, you’ll be able to clean up after yourself in the next step.


Make It Shine

Before you can begin setting up any staging materials, you must give your entire home a thorough cleaning. Once again, this segment of home preparation is something that you can hire a professional for, and it’s usually not too expensive for a one-time deep cleaning session. Otherwise, you’ll need to do it on your own, or by enlisting some friends or family members to pitch in. Be sure that everything shines – including windows, mirrors, televisions, and bookshelves. You shouldn’t be able to run your finger along any dusty surface.


Paint Outdated Tile or Cabinetry

We all know that today’s buyers show disdain at anything that makes a home look ‘dated.’ Rather than investing thousands to upgrade outdated tile in a bathroom, you can give it a quick coat of high-adhesion primer followed by ceramic epoxy paint. Consider painting dated or dingy kitchen and bathroom cabinets a light color (white is very popular currently). Updating all of your kitchen and bathroom hardware (drawer pulls, cabinet handles and possibly sink and bathtub fixtures) can really bring a room into present day.


Use Pops of Color

If you have it in the budget, paint all of your home’s walls a very light and neutral color. This makes everything feel larger and more open and gives buyers a feeling of newness. They’ll also enjoy pops of bright colors in the form of throw pillows, lamps, artwork and small decorative items like candles. Think reds, oranges and bright blues.


Go Green

In addition to adding color throughout the home, show buyers a touch of nature inside the home. A multitude of today’s buyers are very in touch with nature and are more concerned about the environment than ever before. Bring the outside in by placing some pine cones, bamboo, or twigs in a large glass vase. Find ways to re-purpose or recycle old items like using an old trunk as the focal point of a sitting area. Doing so not only shows the buyers that you’re environmentally friendly, but it brings character to your home as well.


Be sure that your home is as clutter-free as you can manage. Any clutter will detract from the impressive staging and prep work you’ve done. Buyers are always looking for homes with ample storage space, so be sure that your closets and storage areas are as clean and neat as possible. This will make all of your storage areas appear larger, which will have buyers thinking about how great their own items would look inside.

Common Questions when Preparing to List Your Home This Spring

Common Questions when Preparing to List Your Home This Spring


If you are considering putting your home on the real estate market this spring, you’re on the right track to successfully selling your home. Studies show that year after year, springtime is the best time to sell a home. It’s true that many potential home buyers prefer to wait out the harsh, bitter winter weather for the sunny days of spring to tour properties of interest.


That being the case, as a seller, you likely have questions about how you can best prepare your home for its springtime debut. We’ve listed some common seller questions and answers below:


What type of spring care should be given to my home’s exterior?


Ensure that your home has great curb appeal by ridding your lawn of dead leaves and debris that most likely gathered through the winter months. Make sure all shrubbery is neatly trimmed so that walkways are accessible to potential buyers. As soon as your grass begins its seasonal growth, keep on top of mowing so that it consistently looks well-kept and attractive.


Should I consider planting spring flowers?


In addition to taking good care of your lawn and shrubbery, you can vastly improve your home’s curb appeal by planting some vibrant flowers in visible flower beds. It has been shown that homeowners who give special attention to spring landscaping typically experience more interest from buyers.


What is an affordable way to improve the appearance of my home’s interior?


First, give all of your windows a proper spring cleaning session, both inside and out. Additionally, clean all of your window treatments/draperies and arrange them so that optimal sunlight can enter your home. Brighter homes are much more welcoming because they feel warm, joyful and happy.


Should I hire a cleaning company?


Whether you pay someone or do it yourself, a detailed cleaning of your entire home should be done prior to listing it on the market. It’s easy to let spider webs and a little bit of dust accumulate throughout the cold winter months, and a home can begin to smell musty. Dust every surface, power clean all of your floors, make sure bathrooms are spotless, and open your windows on a regular basis to let the fresh spring air wash away any lingering stuffiness from winter.


How can I keep buyers from tracking dirt and debris onto my newly cleaned floors?

After all of your hard work, you want to keep your home clean so that multiple buyers have an opportunity to appreciate your spring cleaning! Spring weather is often sunny and cheery, but can also bring rain storms. In order to preserve your clean floors, place a quality outdoor mat outside and inside each exterior door, along with an umbrella stand. Directly inside the main entrance, consider installing a coat rack or coat tree so buyers can hang their potentially wet coats and hats rather than dripping rainwater throughout your home.


Some homeowners go so far as to install plastic sheeting along freshly cleaning floors. However, this can sometimes backfire and take away from all of the effort you put into spring cleaning. Setting up snacks for scheduled buyer visits is a good idea, as is filling a small cooler with ice and beverages. Spruce up your home décor a bit by replacing dated items, and remove all clutter. A simple coat of paint on a few walls, trim, or doors can make your home look cleaner and newer.


After all of your attention to preparing your home for a springtime listing, be sure to touch up any areas that may need it in between buyer visits. If you follow the advice listed above, you’ll have a much higher success rate in getting the offer you’ve been hoping for.

Best Springtime Day Trips around Nashville

Best Springtime Day Trips Around Nashville



Spring weather is in the air, and everyone’s excitement is palpable! Although this year’s winter wasn’t terribly difficult in the Nashville area, springtime is always eagerly welcomed. As the weather shifts toward sunny days full of warm breezes and chirping birds, many people are ready to get out and enjoy the outdoors in any way possible.


A superb springtime activity is embarking on a day trip with close friends and/or family members. Nashville and the surrounding areas are bursting with interesting day trip destinations that are ideal for springtime visits. Here are a few ideas to get you started:


Mammoth Cave, National Park, KY


It’s simply astounding that the world’s longest cave is only 1.5 hours from Nashville! Mammoth Cave is aptly named, and your jaw will definitely drop to the cave floor when you first take in the sheer size of the caverns and chambers here. Depending on your desired level of intensity, you can participate in a number of different tours that range from 45 minutes to over six hours! Additionally, you can hike above ground to explore a number of trails that will take you past the River Styx’s mouth flowing from a cave to join up with the Green River. There is abundant wildlife along the hiking trails that you’re likely to catch glimpses of as well.


Cheekwood Botanical Gardens’ ‘Cheekwood in Bloom’


Beginning March 19 and continuing until April 24, a brilliant array of colorful blooms spring to life, including daffodils, redbuds, magnolias, dogwoods and most impressive, over 100,000 tulips! Each weekend during ‘Cheekwood in Bloom’ is filled with a variety of fun activities and scheduled entertainment. This year, each weekend will have a theme, and all activities will be family friendly.


Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival


Specifically celebrating the coming of springtime, the Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival also recognizes and celebrates America’s friendship with Japan. There is plenty to do, including: Japanese art exhibits and demonstrations, Japanese food taste testing, Japanese products for sale at Ginza marketplace and Japanese leisure activities for all ages at J-Funland. The Cherry Blossom Festival takes places on Saturday, April 9, 2016.


Falls Creek Falls State Park


Here you’ll view one of the highest waterfalls in the eastern United States, along with a myriad of simply breathtaking scenery. Some highlights to check out in spring at Falls Creek Park are: the luscious hardwood forest, cascades, gorges, streams, horse stables (with guided rides available), and the Zipstream Zipline tours. You can also bike or hike through the park, play a round of golf, bird watch and enjoy a boat rental (on which you can choose to fish or simply enjoy the scenery).

These are merely a few of the incredible sights and events you can visit on a springtime day trip from Nashville. Enjoy the fresh air and new blooms as you set out to explore Nashville and beyond!