5 Ideas for Transforming Your Extra Bedroom Into Something Fantastic

5 Ideas for Transforming Your Extra Bedroom Into Something Fantastic

As the fall semester starts at colleges in the Middle Tennessee area, many parents are finding themselves with an empty bedroom. Their son or daughter has taken their belongings, clothing, and more to their new dorm room and are embarking on a new adventure. While parents are excited for this pivotal moment in their child’s life, they are now left to decide what to do with the extra room.


Many parents choose to leave the room as is, which allows the child to use their room whenever they come home. On the other side of the spectrum, some parents use this opportunity to turn the empty bedroom into a something new. If you find yourself longing to complete a DIY remodeling project, now is your perfect opportunity! Try one of the following remodeling projects for the newly vacant bedroom in your Middle Tennessee home.

Home Office

After years of sharing the kitchen table, coffee table, living room or the family desk with your children, you can now have your very own space to concentrate and work. When planning for your new home office, be sure to procure the following items:


  • Your preferred paint color
  • A comfortable and functional desk
  • An office chair
  • Desk organizers
  • Office supplies such as pens, pencils, etc.
  • Wall decorations including degrees, pictures, and more
  • Shelving units for books and other items
  • Anything you want in your brand new office


Your home office design can be sleek and modern, or comfortable and convenient — it’s completely up to you!



In-Home Gym

If you want to ditch the gym membership and invest in your newly vacant space, why not transform it into an in-home gym?


Should you choose to add a gym to your home, you’ll have to invest in equipment. Luckily, this investment will last quite a long time! Common exercise equipment options include:

  • Yoga mats
  • Cardio equipment including treadmills and ellipticals
  • Free weights
  • Strength training bands
  • A television and stereo for entertainment
  • A towel stand


The paint color you choose for your in-home gym will have a direct effect on your overall motivation to exercise. Houzz recommends using the following color options:

  • Orange — Orange Zest by Behr
  • Blue — Any shade
  • Vibrant colors such as lime green or bright blues
  • Beige hues to promote concentration



A Game Room

A welcoming game room complete with a variety of entertainment options is sure to bring everyone together right in the comfort of your home. When remodeling a bedroom into a game room, make sure your interior design choices reflect an inviting and entertaining environment.


Homeowners commonly choose rustic and warm paint colors and furniture options to convey an inviting game room atmosphere. However, while the appearance of your game room is key, so is the layout. Your game room should be designed to facilitate entertainment, not hinder it! Make sure your pool table, game console, television and other items are arranged properly to generate a specific flow and environment.



Quiet Room 

Sometimes you just want to come home and unwind. With a chaotic household, it can be increasingly difficult to do so. Instead of leaving your spare bedroom as is, why not revamp it into a room devoted to relaxation? Whether you prefer to cuddle up with a good book or close your eyes for a bit with ambient music playing in the background, the newfound extra bedroom is the perfect place to do so.


One quick tip — if possible, find ways to sound proof your room to ensure a completely relaxing environment within your home.



A Creative Space

We all need a place where we can let our creativity run free! The extra bedroom is the perfect place to do so. No matter if you prefer to paint, draw, write, play music, sculpt, or even build something, a creative space is what you need. Some creative room ideas include:

      • Using chalkboard paint on a wall to write down ideas or draw
      • Shelving to store art supplies, musical instruments, and tools
      • Décor that promotes, not inhibits, your creativity — this will vary per individual

Whatever you need to ignite your creative spark!



If you had an extra room to use, what would you turn it into? Let us know on Facebook or in the comments section below.




Launch Your Career to New Heights With PARKS

Launch Your Career to New Heights With PARKS



When you’re looking to take the next big step in your career, look no further than PARKS. With over 10 sales offices, 575 agents and 40 years in business, PARKS has built a solid reputation of being professional, innovative, and exceptional. We’re always looking for the next great professional to join our team to help make a difference across the Middle Tennessee community.


Why Should You Join PARKS?

While we could talk for days about the amazing team and opportunities available at PARKS, we describe our company and culture with the 4 P’s:




PARKS has been named the #1 Residential Real Estate Firm in Middle Tennessee with $1.4B in gross sales and 5,686 company transaction sides in 2014. (2015 Book of Lists, Nashville Business Journal)


Our team strives for only the very best each and every day. Each of our 10 offices around Middle Tennessee are going above and beyond for our clients, company, and overall success.




Did you know that PARKS helps our employees achieve their goals through a full host of tools, trainings, and technologies with the intent of giving you the edge in today’s real estate market? We want you to be successful, and we’re ready to do everything we can to make that possible. From our state-of-the-art real estate technology and training to our mentorship programs within our company, you’ll have confidence knowing that we’re here to help you triumph throughout your real estate career.





You may have recently noticed that our company rebranded from Bob Parks Realty to PARKS. Why did we undergo this change? To put it simply, our progressive company culture and mindset proved that we needed to embrace the ever-changing real estate market. If we wanted our company to continue to grow, we had to make a progressive change — and we did.


This rebranding effort was not put in place solely for the customers, but also our employees. We want only the best for our team, and we’ll do everything in our power to ensure that it is so.




We’re interested in your success as a PARKS real estate professional. From training to your own personalized HomeSpotter® app, we’ll set you up with everything you need to thrive. In fact, in order to ensure our agents are as professional and customer-oriented as possible, we provide each professional with the following items:

  • Free Agent Branded App with Augmented Reality for iPad, iPhone & Android phones — Exclusive to Bob Parks Realty
  • Customizable Agent Websites
  • Parks YouTube Channel — Video generated automatically for all listings
  • Listing Syndication for all your listings
  • Parks Social Networks and access to content for your own social media
  • Dotloop – web-based real estate transaction management service
  • Convenient Showing Service by Centralized Showing Service
  • Print Advertising in various Newspapers & Magazines — with the BEST RATES available
  • ToolKitCMA.com with customizable presentations for listings, FSBO, buyers & expired listings
  • Continuing Company Education and Research through team meetings and Parks Professional Development in-house training
  • Corporate Relocation Department
  • Member of The Leading Real Estate Companies of the World Network®
  • Community Involvement with opportunities such as corporate sponsorship for Make-A-Wish Middle Tennessee
  • And More!


Hear What Current PARKS Agents Have to Say!

“I don’t think we all realize what benefits as Realtors® we here. Coming from another company, I am very impressed with the tech options and PARKS striving to help their agents stay current to compete” — Lisa B. Miller, REALTOR PARKS in Mt. Juliet


If the idea of joining a revolutionary, growing team of successful real estate professionals sounds appealing to you, we want to hear from you. Learn about joining our team by visiting our website today!









Exciting After-School Activities You Have to Try This Year

Exciting After-School Activities You Have to Try This Year

As a parent, you are constantly performing a balancing act of finding after-school activities that are exciting AND educational. It’s a difficult task, but you can do it! When you’re looking for an activity that’s fun, healthy and promotes learning, try out one of these activities.

Create Healthy and Silly Snack Art

When your child rushes through the door after a long day at school, one of the first things they’ll want is a delicious snack. Instead of simply handing them a granola bar and calling it a day, make an activity out of it.

Image credit: Pinterest

Image credit: Pinterest


You can create a variety of art projects/landscapes/images with snacks. Who knew that combining snack time and play time could be so much fun? Use one of these recipes from Meet the Dubiens for inspiration!

Bubbles + The Rainbow = Awesome After-School Fun

What if we told you that your child could play with the rainbow? It’s true. And all you need is a bit of dish soap and liquid watercolors. If your child enjoys sensory activities, colors, or just playing around, this activity is absolutely perfect for them. Plus, creating the masterpiece is just as easy! Use these instructions to get started.

Image credit: Fun At Home With Kids

Image credit: Fun At Home With Kids

Make an Indoor Obstacle Course

Imagine that it’s a rainy day after-school and all your kids want to do is run around and play outside. With a little inspiration and some household items, you can create your own one-of-a-kind indoor obstacle course! You can use items from your house such as:


  • Chairs
  • Bean Bags
  • Laundry Baskets
  • Buckets
  • Couch Cushions
  • Sporting Equipment
  • And More


Be sure to set rules and parameters for your obstacle course so the little ones don’t go too crazy! If you need a bit of help creating your indoor obstacle course, use these tips from the blog of Melissa & Doug!


Throw a Dance Party!

Sometimes you just have to dance it out! Dancing promotes healthy physical activity and is just down right fun. Throw on their favorite playlist and dance the afternoon away.


You can make a game out of it by playing musical chairs, freeze dance, and more!


Tag-Team Story

Shhh! This after-school activity is educational too!


To create a tag-team story, follow these simple rules:


  1. You can start the story however you want! Start by saying a sentence.
  2. Once you have finished your sentence, your child can add their own sentence.
  3. Continue the back and forth process and watch the creative, imaginative story unfold!


Do You Have a Favorite After-School Activity?

If you have an awesome after-school activity to share, let us know in the comments section below!




An Indoor Home Maintenance To-Do List for the Month of August

An Indoor Home Maintenance To-Do List for the Month of August

It’s no secret that Middle Tennessee falls victim to the hot, overbearing, and uncomfortable August heat year after year. Whether it’s humid or just plain hot, the last thing you want to do is go outside and complete yard work. Instead, this month’s home maintenance guide takes you inside to cool off, check on trusty appliances, and ultimately, check more items off of your to-do list.

How’s That HVAC System Doing?

You may have noticed this tip in previous PARKS home maintenance articles. It’s imperative that you monitor and check on your HVAC system a few times per year. Be sure to look for any signs of distress, leaking, odd sounds, and even foul smells.


If you are concerned about the state of your air conditioning system, particularly during the summer heat, contact your local HVAC technician right away. The last thing you want is for your AC to break during the hottest weeks of the year!

Clean In, Under and Around Your Refrigerator

Think of all the excess crumbs, dust, and dirt that are under your refrigerator right now. It’s a gross thought, right? Did you know you can lower your monthly energy bills just by cleaning under the refrigerator?


If your vacuum does not come with the right extension, you can easily craft one yourself from household objects such as a cardboard gift-wrapping paper tube. Use this tutorial to get started!


August is always a great time to give your refrigerator a good internal cleaning too!

Donate Unwanted Items

Over the years, our homes can become cluttered with old clothing, gifts, items, and more that we might not actually need. Don’t let these items pile up in the corner of your room. Instead, donate them to an organization such as Goodwill Industries of Middle Tennessee. PARKS partners with Goodwill to help you move and donate large items from your home. This opportunity is ideal for someone moving or relocating!


If you simply dive into purging your home of unwanted items, you are likely to become overwhelmed. Instead, start with one specific room per day, identify items you no longer have a need for that are also in good condition, and put them aside. Repeat this process every day until you feel like you’ve donated the right amount.


Clean Kitchen Appliances

From the oven to the refrigerator, your kitchen appliances could use a good cleaning. If by chance you have left your appliances a bit dirty for the past several months (or worse, years!), you’re actually setting yourself up for higher energy bills each month.



The more your appliance has to work to cook your food or keep it cool, the greater energy it requires and therefore uses. Before you rack up monthly charges, just take time to clean your kitchen appliances thoroughly.


When cleaning a kitchen oven, be aware of your surroundings and follow all safety precautions. Even though the self-cleaning mode should lock the oven door, the temperature inside your oven can be anywhere between 800-900 degrees to burn off the debris, crumbs, etc.


Do you have an indoor maintenance task you regularly complete during the month of August? Let us know on Facebook!