Upcoming Summer Events in Middle Tennessee You Simply Cannot Miss


Upcoming Summer Events in Middle Tennessee You Simply Cannot Miss


If you live in the beautiful and exciting Middle Tennessee region, you know just how many events occur in a single weekend. Luckily, this summer, the greater Nashville area and beyond is bursting with concerts, festivals, events, and so much more. Be sure to gather your friends and family and head on out to these one-of-a-kind events around Middle Tennessee.

Sevier Park Fest

From music to local vendors to mouthwatering hot wings, this weekend festival has everything. On May 1st and 2nd in Sevier Park, enjoy the gorgeous Belmont/Hillsboro and 12th South neighborhoods as you speak to local vendors, hear from the jaw-dropping local talent, and more. Festival events include:


  • Edley’s Hot Wing Eating Contest
  • Johnnyswim
  • Penny & Sparrow
  • The Nashville Academy of Rock
  • And So Much More!


Visit the Sevier Park Fest website for more information.

Musician’s Corner

Quickly becoming an annual favorite amongst Middle Tennessee residents, Musician’s Corner is back for the 2015 season. Starting on May 9th, head down to the spacious Centennial Park every Saturday from 12:00pm to 5:00pm for delicious food trucks, foot tapping music, local vendors, and of course, great weather and fun.


This year’s lineup includes act such as:

  • Dave Barnes
  • Zeke Duhon
  • Humming House
  • W.O. Smith Nashville Community Music School Bands
  • And plenty more


2015 Nashville Wine and Food Festival

For many Middle Tennesseans, this is the festival of 2015. Presented by Cork Dorks Inc. and the Nashville Symphony, the 2015 Nashville Wine and Food Festival is certainly not to be missed.



The festival will boast more than 150 types of wine from all around the world, paired with the ideal types of food in one of the many pairing tents. Many of Nashville’s top and renowned restaurants will be on site, including:


  • Adele’s
  • 312 Pizza Company
  • Sole Mio
  • 1808 Grille
  • Tempur Chocolate
  • Watermark


On top of all that, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a beer garden, cocktail lounges, the legendary Nashville music scene, demonstrations, and various other types of entertainment.


Did we mention that the purpose of this event is to support the incredibly talented Nashville Symphony? On May 16, 2015, head down to Riverfront Park from noon to 4pm to participate in this unique event. But first, visit the official website to purchase your tickets!

The Music City Sports Festival

Sports Equipment on White


Have a sports fanatic in your family? Bring them to the Music City Sports Festival on May 30th and 31st at Music City Center. Numerous sports programs, trainers, and personalities will be on site for a great time. Plus, you and your family can participate in one of the many clinics available!


Purchase tickets and learn more about this thrilling, sports filled event here!

Tennessee Renaissance Festival

Of course, what would any Middle Tennessee summer be without a trip to the Tennessee Renaissance Festival? Take your family and friends back to the 16th Century England, specifically the Village of Covington Glen, and take in the sights and sounds of the renaissance time period. From musicians, to delicious food, and more, this is one of the Middle Tennessee summer events.


This summer, the Tennessee Renaissance Festival runs on the following dates:

  • May 2nd – May 3rd
  • May 9th – May 10th
  • May 16th – May 17th
  • May 23rd – May 24th
  • May 25th (Memorial Day)


Don’t forget to order your tickets online!


From Bonnaroo to the annual RC Moon Pie Festival, Middle Tennessee is just bursting with events! What event do you plan on hosting, attending or supporting this spring? Let us know in the comments section below.



Spring Hill, Tennessee: Your New Home

Spring Hill, Tennessee: Your New Home


With so many towns to choose from in Middle Tennessee, how can you possibly choose where to live? If you’re still looking for your dream home in this region, be sure to check out Spring Hill, Tennessee. This quaint town is growing and is quickly becoming the go-to area for individuals and families at all stages in life.

The History of Spring Hill


According to the City of Spring Hill, Tennessee website, the natural wildlife and state of the soil was ideal for Native Americans, and soon after, Settlers. Not long after the settlers arrived, the community began to grow and expand with the introduction of schools, churches, merchants and so much more.


Fast forward to the Civil War. The Battle of Spring Hill brought the town together as the Confederate and Union troops occupied the town. This November 1864 battle was the precursor to the infamous Battle of Franklin.



Over a hundred years later, Spring Hill continues to thrive thanks to new residents, the introduction of manufacturing plants providing jobs, and so much more. Spring Hill is expected to grow at least another 78% over the next twenty years.

Spring Hill, TN Attractions


This small but mighty town offers a variety of attractions, entertainment, culture and fun for residents. Of course, while either visiting or living in Spring Hill, you have to visit the Rippavilla Plantation. This historical site jam-packs intriguing education, culture, and history into one amazing location.



For those of you interested in the Battle of Spring Hill, be sure to take a self-guided tour of the battlefield. This is a great attraction for the history buffs in your family.


Of course, like any Middle Tennessee town, Spring Hill has quite the selection of restaurants and eateries to choose from. Be sure to try any of these restaurants when you either move to Spring Hill or drive on through:



Don’t forget to get all of your shopping done at the Crossings of Spring Hill. This is the place for shopping! From Ross to Hibbett Sports, you can find something for everyone here.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 5.19.26 PM

With plenty of shopping centers, outdoor adventure, and more to offer residents, you just might find that your new home is located in Spring Hill, Tennessee!


When you’re ready to look for your next home in Spring Hill, Tennessee, be sure to contact your local PARKS agent for the best service and best results!



It’s Time to Complete Those April Home Maintenance Tasks!

It’s Time to Complete Those April Home Maintenance Tasks!

Who doesn’t enjoy a beautiful spring day in Middle Tennessee? While you may be tempted to sunbathe the day away, this is actually the perfect time to start working on your April home maintenance tasks.


This month, try and accomplish the following tasks to have your house running properly and efficiently all year long.


Set Up Your Outdoor Furniture

If you’re looking to spend your weekends relaxing on your deck or patio, now is the time to start thinking of your outdoor furniture set up. Not sure what type of patio furniture or decorations you should use? Good thing PARKS has your back! Check out these patio trends for 2015 courtesy of PARKS.



Inspect Your Roof

Just like the rest of our country, Middle Tennessee experiences our fair share of April showers. As residents know, many of those April showers are severe, complete with high winds and the threat of a tornado and possibly home damage.


To be safe (and to ensure the safety of your family), make sure you inspect your roof. Better yet, have a professional roofing company thoroughly inspect your roof. It’s best to identify and repair roof damage before a storm hits. When you delay the repair, you’ll end up experiencing far more roofing damage in the long run!


Look for the following signs of roof damage:


  • Missing shingles
  • Visible holes
  • Broken gutters
  • Leaks in your attic


Remember, do not go on top of your roof unless you have experience doing so. It is in your best interest to enlist the expert services of a local roofing contractor.
Damaged Roof Shingles Repair

Get Started on Your Painting Projects

Whether your resolution for 2015 was to finally paint the kitchen, or your fence looks like it could use a new coat of paint, the spring season is the perfect time to do so. If you plan on painting a room or section of your house, remember to open the windows to let the fumes out. Plus, the spring weather is so nice that you have no excuse not to open the windows!


However, if April decides to include more of those notable showers, you may want to hold off on outdoor painting projects. On the bright side, this just gives you more time to complete your indoor painting projects!


Make Sure Your Lawn Care Equipment is Ready to Go

Imagine this: you’ve waited and waited to mow and weed your lawn. When the timing is finally right, you head out to your shed to grab your equipment and get to work. Right when you are about to start, you notice something awful — none of the equipment works!


Just like cars and appliances, your lawn care equipment requires care and maintenance. Take time out this month to check on your lawn care supplies and equipment and make sure they are in top shape for the spring!


How’s Your Air Conditioning?

There’s nothing worse than starting off the spring and summer seasons with no air conditioning. You know just how hot the Middle Tennessee area can get! Use your time in April to make sure that your HVAC unit is ready to go for the warm weather. You can also call on the assistance of an HVAC professional to properly inspect, maintain and repair (if necessary) your air conditioning unit.


What other chores or maintenance tasks do you complete in April? Let us know!




Patio Furniture and Decoration Trends You Shouldn’t Miss This Summer

Patio Furniture and Decoration Trends You Shouldn’t Miss This Summer


What’s better than relaxing the sunny spring and summer days away than with friends and family on your newly decorated patio?


If your patio is in need of a décor update, use these trending decorations and outdoor furniture ideas for summer 2015!

Bright Colors and Patterns


From furniture to decorations, bright colors and patterns strategically mixed with neutral tones are a hot choice this summer. Greens, blues, pinks, and even orange tones are especially in this year.

Comfortable seating


Try adding vibrant patterns against solid, yet bold, colors to have your patio stand out and be the brightest patio on the block.

Arrange Your Furniture Family-Style


As each year goes by, patio trends and arrangements are more and more focused on conversation, fun, and relaxation rather than fancy little knick-knacks and witty porch signs. This summer (and all year long) arrange your patio chairs, tables, and other furniture to stimulate relaxation and conversation. One common arrangement is to have the outdoor table in the middle of your patio so everyone can enjoy a great meal surrounded by friends and family members.

Potted Plants


Some homeowners do not have a spacious backyard with endless opportunities for luxurious gardens. However, you can combat this by adding specific potted plants to your patio. Common plant choices include:

  • Bamboo
  • Lilies
  • Lavender


Include a Fire Pit


You can easily implement a fire pit in your patio. Whether you build it along with your patio, or purchase a safe external fire pit, these patio accessories can tie your entire outdoor porch together. If you choose to build a new patio with a built-in fire pit, make sure you strategically place the fire pit in a safe place. Typically, the middle area of your patio is best – away from your house, garden, and other flammable objects.


Gorgeous Lighting Arrangements


Whether you choose tiki torches, string lights, or lanterns, you’ll want something to brighten up each night you spend with family and friends on your patio. Try to choose a lighting option that does not distract from the overall ambiance and atmosphere you have created for your patio.



What decorations do you plan to add to your patio this summer?